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cap, captain miss america

Livejournal seems to be back, but it also seems to not want to let me post any actual posts. Just test posts with nonsense in them! Let’s see if this works.

Anyway, some things:

1) I am on Spotify. So far, I am finding it pretty exciting. I don’t have a lot of experience with music services but to be quite frank, I am just delighted that I can type in the name of a song (including “Animalitos,” which is Wovenhand’s nearly-15-minute-long noisy deconstruction of “Ain’t No Sunshine,” with which I got to disturb [info]liret last night) and I get, you know, that actual song and not a playlist of songs I might like if I like that song :-P I need to make some playlists, though.

2) I have this sweater. This is the most important part. I have a sweater. It is a beautiful off-white cream colored sweater that is one of those sweaters that is very thin and fine and kind of translucent but still amazingly warm for its apparent flimsiness.

Last week, I couldn’t find it. I went through a couple of days of torment trying to figure out if I left it in a bar or restaurant or on the subway or something before I resigned myself to life without my sweater.

Then, this morning, I turned over a stack of winter clothes, and lo and behold! There was my precious sweater. Oh, sweater of my heart, I will never let you out of my sight again. <3

I have also been making tons of ice cream, which will be posted over on Nommable. Also on Nommable, I posted loads of pictures of my trip to Tuthilltown this past weekend, which is what LJ will apparently not allow me to reproduce. Arghy arghenstein.

Okay, signing out for now! <3 <3

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(Deleted comment)
I also discovered that Spotify has a huge collection of karaoke tracks.

I'm just saying.

I think you should find out what the spotify liret thinks of Wovenhand.

You mean the Liret who is not you?

The liret impersonator, yes. The fake liret. Unless they actually named Liret, in which case they're not fake, but they still should have claimed the name online earlier and not been french.

Isn't it great to refind something you finally gave up on ever finding again?:)

Yea for the sweater:)

A few months ago, I had totally resigned myself to life without my favourite hat in the WORLD and then miraculously it showed up again :D I love it when that happens!

Hurray sweater! I've "lost" amazing sweaters before. Finding them again always feels like magic.

Also, your hair looks fabulous in these photos.

Aww, thanks! My hair is kind of awesome like that. It looks good to everyone else even when it looks bad to me.

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