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cap, captain miss america
Yes, so! On Sunday is my birthday! I will be celebrating by shipping myself to Austin to speakeasy it up with katieupsidedown and rainy_day depending on her new work schedule and pikacharma depending on whether she is attacked by aliens.

If you are in the area Austin and would like to try to meet up with us at some point, let me know! I'll be there until Sunday!

HOORAY HOORAY. I am so stoked.

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Make sure you remember the swimsuit! I was thinking Friday during the day we'd go to the Barton Springs pool, which is a super cold natural spring fed swimming pool that's really popular here. Friday will be the only day parking won't be ridiculous.

Also, idk if you get seasonal allergies but if you do you might want to pack some of the medicine that works for you in case. There shouldn't be a lot of allergy stuff floating around since it's dry and summer, but Austin is the allergy capitol of the world.

Oh! I am not actually sure if I own a swimsuit, but I will check. I will have to look and see. And will do, I will bring some allegra and my inhaler.

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