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The Mail Continues to be Fascinating

Yesterday afternoon, this happened:






I was going over to see Jo & Erik and their baby girl last night, and so I thought, hmm, this tiny cake is the perfect size for three people! And voila, we had a dessert.

I still have a ton of stuff to post about going to Texas. So much food! So much birthday! Oh my goodness. The thing of it is, I cant decide whether to post some of this stuff here or in nommable. This is the problem. Sometimes my life is too much about what I am eating at any given moment. I don’t think this is a bad thing per se.

Anyway, the baby was adorable and wonderful and charming and didn’t fuss very much and even smiled a little, so that was excellent. We got Thai food, which was also excellent if spicy enough to kill us. Erik made me a drink, which was also excellent, and then we ate the cake:



Pretty darn excellent.

So, excellence all around. Then Jo went to feed the baby and Erik and I had some whiskey, and talked about drinks. And then the rest of what we did I will save for a nommable post because it is a little drinking adventure!

Next up over on this side will be TEXAS ADVENTURE.

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