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cap, captain miss america
Oh crap, I forgot to post this to LJ.

Coming home from Jo & Erik's house last night, I was doing this very bad and dangerous thing called reading and walking. I had also been drinking, although I doubt very much the drinking had anything to do with how engrossed I was in my book.

I walked right the fuck into an iron fence.

This is what my knee looks like now:

...but you should see the fence.

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yeouch. hope the book is worth it!

... i fell into the campus duck pond once because i was reading and walking. oops.

Oh no! Yeah, the book is definitely worth it.

Yikes and ouch!

I've done the reading and walking thing, too. It doesn't end well for me either, though thankfully never with a bruise that bad.

People have been warning me about this my entire life! But it has never actually injured me before. Curses being cocky and overconfident!

But the important question is WHAT BOOK WERE YOU READING?

Agreed! Inquiring minds want to know!

(also, I do hope you get better. That looks painful:(

The really important question is WAS THE BOOK OK?!

Yes, the book is fine, thank god!

Want to borrow my seeing eye dog? hahahahah. hugs

Awww, I may just have to if I keep this up!

Reading and walking? You're living dangerously! This is why I don't like to do anything but walk while I'm walking. Bad things invariably happen, the worst being tripping on something and dropping a kilo of evidence on the floor, which I had to clean up and document.

Edited at 2011-08-10 11:37 pm (UTC)

Walking is incredibly perilous!

omg OW! That's an epic bruise.

Your last line reminds me of this one time I stepped through a small hole on a small jetty and one leg went right down - I came out with a two inch wide bruise that went from below my knee to the top of my thigh. Maybe a collection of bruises. I was also working in a place where we wore shorts so most of the bruise was on glorious display. One time, someone was all o.O over it and one of the bakers said, "yeah, but you should see the other guy!" and first person totally fell for that for a second and looked incredibly startled xD (because I am kind of small)

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