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In which Tea is a lazy bum, and finally posts some pictures from Austin
cap, captain miss america

So, if you missed the memo, I went to Austin last weekend for my birthday. I took Thursday and Friday off from work, and hopped on a plane and went to stay with [info]katieupsidedown, who has been my friend online for almost six years, but whom I’ve never met in person before. And to see [info]rainy_day and [info]erato, who also live there!

[info]katieupsidedown picked me up at the airport, and we went back to her apartment where I met her adorable and very paranoid dog, Rufus, and the cat she is fostering, Mishka, who is black and was hiding under the bed, so I didn’t so much meet her as sort of see her eyes reflecting back in the darkness.

Then we got on the bus, which is apparently an unheard of rarity in Austin, and took it down to First Thursday on South Congress, which is like a sort of street fair/craft show outdoors ones a month. We went out to a local restaurant called South Congress Cafe, and got pretty nice salads and beers, and [info]erato caught up with us, and then walked around looking at the stores and craft stalls and a trailer for the animal rescue that Mishka is from.

Then we went to the Big Top Candy Shop, which was freaking awesome. Full of old-fashioned candies, including Bonamo Turkish Taffy, which is one of those things that my mom has always talked about as one of her favorite childhood candies but that she was certain didn’t exist anymore, so I bought her one of those, and a couple candies to try. They also had an oldschool soda fountain, so we got some of those, too.

After the candy store, we headed to a bus stop, where we waited for a very long time before discovering we were waiting for the wrong bus.

While we were doing this, I opened one of the candies I bought, which was called an Idaho Spud:

It was…weird, is the right word. It was covered in chocolate and coconut, and when we broke it up, we discovered that it was full of a gelatinous goo, kind of like those Passover Marshmallow Twists, although the flavor was completely indecipherable.

So, once we realized we were in the wrong place, we called a cab, and [info]erato left us, and we went out to a local bar called the Gibson, which had a pretty nice whiskey selection as well as a pretty nice beer selection, so I had a Manhattan and then some beers, and [info]katieupsidedown and I chatted until closing time, and then went back to her place and chatted some more.

It is always really awesome to meet people I’ve known online for so long and discover that they are just as awesome in person as they are on the internet.

More soon! With more pictures.


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What a strange idea for a confectionary, to be modelled on a potato! Though for some reason that rings a bell and I think that they used to make potato confectionary, long ago? (But not like that!)

And the mannequin in the candy store just made me laugh :) I guess you would get used to it if you worked there, but I just imagine I'd keep seeing him out of the corner of my eye and get a shock!

Yeah, it was hilarious and required a photograph! I don't know about the potato candy; it tasted nothing like potatoes!

This all looks awesome. :D

That is because it all IS awesome.

:DDD The kitty comes out to say hi more now. She hung out on the couch last night and watched me and Clare watch Doctor Who.

She was coming out pretty much by the time I left. It was only that first day!!!

I remember Idaho Spuds! We used to eat them when I was a kid. They were right next to the Mountain Bars. :)

Wow. I have no idea what a Mountain Bar is, but exciting. I am sorry about the part where you ate them, though.

It sounds like you had a great time. It's so much fun to meet online friends!

It is! And I had an awesome time.

Wow, you got some really great pictures! I'm so glad you were able to come down to Austin. I had a lot of fun meeting you and hanging out over the weekend. I can't wait to see the next installment!

I have lots more pictures I need to posty post!! It was excellent to meet you, too! I had no idea I was going to until I got there!

I had a total *squee* moment when I saw the Idaho Spud, I love them and they are very difficult to find.

Wow. You love them?! They are so strange!!!

It was good times!

Do you know what would have made it better? YOU.


I have never been though it's never been somewhere I've really had the urge to go.

I had always wanted to go to Texas but only been to the airport. I went to the state to visit for the first time about two years ago. It was glorious!

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