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Birthdays are Bigger in Texas
cap, captain miss america

Here is part two of the exciting Birthday Extravaganza! With more pictures!!!!!

I don’t have as many pictures from Friday, because there was more eating and less photographing! Here are some things!

We started off at Kerbey Lane for breakfast, where I had peach-pecan pancakes. These were thick, light, fluffy, delicious pancakes! Nom!

Then, Katie took me to Barton Springs! She had explained Barton Springs to me on AIM before I got there, and told me to bring a bathing suit (which was a feat for me, and the only one I had was letting quite a bit of boobage spill out, but hey. Whatever she explained, I was not prepared for this place, which was kind of awesome and amazing.

It is half pool! It is half lake! It is a spring-fed swimming pool with seaweed on the bottom! CRAZY STUFF. It was also super cold and I kept getting seaweed in my hair which made me feel like a mermaid. Anyway, I also discovered that my upper body strength is not what it was. Man, I am a wussy. I couldn’t really tread water for very long, so I kind of hung around at the edge for a lot of the time, but it was still awesome A+ would swim again.

Then we went out for ice cream, but I totally forgot to take pictures of that. Boo. I thought I had taken a picture! Apparently not. And we went back to Katie’s and chilled with Rufus and Mishka and watched a bunch of Animaniacs, which was awesome, because I haven’t seen it since it was on the television box!

I ate the other candy that I bought at Big Top:

It’s called a Maple Bun! It was all maple flavored and peanutty, and much more delicious than the Idaho Spud. Win!

Then we got all dressed up and went downtown. There is a building which Katie told me the name of, but which I promptly forgot because she told me someone told her it looked like Totoro.

Then we went to a lovely restaurant called Peche, which was an absolutely divine bar. They had a really nice cocktail selection, plus absinthe fountains and a selection of close to twenty absinthes (17, I believe) to choose from. Katie got absinthe the traditional way; I got an absinthe cocktail. After a very nice whiskey drink. And the lovely bartender gave me two drinks for my birthday! We got dinner too– I got an absolutely scrumptious salad with sweetbreads and boudin and a beautiful runny egg on top. SO GOOD. Katie’s friend Clare met up with us, too, and she was awesome!

We went home and to bed pretty early– it was a long day and Saturday was going to be another one!

Also: [info]rosefox made her first contribution to nommable today! Read it and look at the lovely pictures here.

I also posted a new post on how to make simple syrups out of candy! Read it here!


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Hey, I came across your journal from searching for other people that enjoy David Lynch... plus you sound pretty interesting. Mind if I add you?

Of course you may, thanks! I subscribe to the "blogs are for public consumption" school of livejournaling.

Also, the owls are not what they seem.

haha, one of the best David Lynch/Twin Peaks lines. And thanks, just added you!

The building = Frost Bank tower

It's the one that is supposed to be an owl, right?

Yes. The guy who built it went to Rice. They have an owl mascot.

They should change it to a Totoro mascot!


And the bar pictures are quite wonderful!

It was kind of awesome; I like to be a mermaid. Also when my hair is wet, it's super long.

The bar WAS quite wonderful!

Sounds like some wonderful memories:)

The lakepool looks simply gorgeous!! :D

It was excellent and wet and full of seaweed and so cold! So cold!

Totally unrelated, but I have been geeking out over this article, and thought you would enjoy it: http://www.rangevoting.org/ApisMellifera.html

OMG THAT IS SO COOL! You're right, I do enjoy it. Bees are the best.

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