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cap, captain miss america
Confirmed 5.8 earthquake in Virginia! Shaking as far north as Nova Scotia, from what I hear. Just wanted to leave an "everybody ok?" post, since it sounds like phones are jammed. I know quite a few of you are in the area of the quake.

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Really? I was wondering if it would get this far, but nothing in NS. Hope you and yours are all good :)

A couple folks from NS on my twitter said they felt it-- I didn't feel it at all, so I think a lot of it just has to do with what kind of building you were in at the time.

Toronto! Shaking! So bizarre!

I know!

I work in a skyscraper and I was outside when it happened and didn't feel a thing-- then got upstairs and everyone was like chickens with heads cut off! I was a little sad I missed it!

I was sitting on the concrete steps outside my building having a smoke, and felt the quake even though the people standing and chatting out on the road seemed not to notice anything! I was like, hey, guys, did you feel that quake just now? And they were like, lol can we have some of what you're smoking? Then two of them went back inside and promptly ran out to tell me that I was totally right, omg. XD



I thought it was a truck backing up to the building, and then I decided I was having a seizure until my legos started falling off my shelves. By the time I had decided it was a quake and I should do something, it was over. Then I sat in my office feeling shaky until now.

Oh no! I hope you are feeling better.

I think a lot of the scary came from people not knowing what it was.

It was pretty hard to ignore here. I thought it was construction from next door at first. Glad I wasn't downtown, or I might have assumed something worse.

Yeah, everyone in our building was freaking out, and the evacuated a lot of places before finding out it was an earthquake and not a bomb.

I was on a site visit in Westchester, so of course the very first thought from people near me was "did one of the JDs set off a homemade bomb?" Then realized what it must have been and started looking for news stories.

There was apparently shaking in Michigan, but I am unawares. I am, however, writing up the earthquake in Sylvie's baby book.

I felt it down here in NC. I thought it was a plane flying a little too low and then thought it was an earthquake. All good over here and I'm fine. Stuff shook and some plants fell over but nothing huge.

the weirdest part of the whole thing was that "earthquake" was the very last explanation that came to me for why my apartment was shaking.

I was also terrified that my 100+ year old building would finally collapse, but that's a concern for another day. At least I have renter's insurance?

I am totally sad I missed it! But I was driving, so even if I was shaking I would have thought the road was uneven. Because 'earthquake!' is not the first thing one thinks of when it comes to road hazards in CT.

I spent 15 minutes standing outside my work. Woo hoo! But year, bit of a shake but it was like 15 seconds so I imagine the west coast is laughing their asses off at us.

uuuuum, a bit scary. Also, glad I didn't even assume it was a bomb/something worse. Knew it was an earthquake pretty quickly but was um, really not smart and just kept finishing my interview I was conducting vs. hanging up/rescheduling. :/

I felt it. I was in the basement. We figured it was an earthquake. My thought was, oh geez, did Yosemite just blow up? But no.

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