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Self-Improvement, the Pretty Way
cap, captain miss america

I have accomplished a lot in the past year that I’m proud of in terms of my own self improvement.

–I have finally, for the first time in my adult life, cultivated a real, personal sense of style. I’ve learned how to wear clothes that look good on me and fit me, and how to accessorize. This might seem a bit silly but it has been great for my confidence and the way I comport myself

–I have also completely stopped using disposable dishes. I used to be really bad about using plastic and paper dishes and utensils because I was really lazy about doing my dishes. I’m still lazy about doing my dishes but I have pretty much eliminated disposable eating ware from my home use, unless I’ve ordered takeout and it comes in a disposable dish.

–I have also gained confidence in terms of socializing and making friends. A huge part of this has been thanks to [info]rosefox who is wonderful, and all the wonderful people she’s introduced me to, including [info]supertailz, who is also wonderful. I really only see them once or twice a week but just that has made me open up to other social activities. I went from being home pretty much all the time, to having difficulty finding a free evening. I am meeting new friends and re-engaging with old ones. And being brave enough to ask people to do things! This coming week, I don’t have any social plans (yet), and it feels a little weird– and a bit welcome, since I somehow live in a whirlwind of events and engagements now. That being said, if anyone’s free Tues or Wed next week, let me know and I’d love to do something!

So that is the past year. A couple of days before my birthday, I resolved to try something I had never succeeded at before.

You see, I keep a very messy purse. One of those bottomless purses full of crap that should never have gone into the purse in the first place, everything in disarray. I always have to stop and rifle through it to find my Metrocard or my work ID or a credit card, and feel terrible for the number of times I’ve held up lines or bothered the fellows at the front desk at my office to let me in without my ID.

So, a month ago, just before my birthday, I bought this:

It’s a large wallet that holds all my credit cards, my cash, my word ID, my Metrocard, and my passport (which is my government ID of choice, since I don’t drive)

I’ve tried this before, a few times. Once or twice with small “insert” purses that go inside a larger purse, which is what my mom uses. Or with smaller wallets. I don’t know what made me decide that maybe THIS kind of wallet would work where the others didn’t.

Maybe it’s the type of wallet. Maybe it’s just that it was time, and for the first time in my life, I was ready to take the tiniest of leaps into personal organization (definitely not my strong suit. In fact, I don’t think it’s my weak suit, either. Let’s just say where I’m concerned, it’s not a suit at all).

But this time, it’s working. I have been carrying it for a month today, and so far, I have only misplaced my Metrocard once. I misplaced one credit card once. With those tiny exceptions, it has been a smooth, hold-up-free month where I no longer have to feel ashamed or embarrassed about my inability to dash for the subway or pay for my groceries.

And it is glorious.

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Congrats. I'm back to the dreaded back pack because of school but I'm working on remedying that by possibly buying a lap top case.

I have a back pack, but I really don't keep anything in it but books and my laptop. It's my purse that is the bottomless pit!

Very funny, because I also have had the bottomless messy purse problem for years and years. For some reason, I got one of those large hard cover wallets as a Christmas present and it FINALLY worked in getting me semi-organized. All of my credit cards/license and other misc cards are easy to find, cash is tucked into its own little place, and I've been keeping receipts in one pocket until I'm able to go through them. I still need to work on keeping the rest of the purse organized enough so that I don't lose my keys/chapstick, etc, but it's been a giant step in the right direction.

I wish I could find the secret for socializing at least a little more often. The status of my social life is positively depressing at times :(

I think it's even harder for people like you who have families and other people's schedules to mind/juggle. I just have to worry about my own!

Very nicely done on all fronts. I'm exactly the same with my purses though D: Need to work on that.

I always thought I was a lost cause! Now I see there is hope!

(Deleted comment)
I am very excited to actually HAVE a style. I never had one before. It's like a puppy only I wear it!

...I always forget that there's a difference in the way Americans and English people describe these things. When you said about mini purses inside purses I was thinking "That's crazy! How many purses can you fit in a purse?" Because over here, a purse is a little thing, what you call a wallet, and we'd call what you call a purse our handbag. Hehe, but confusion over, and that's a very nice looking wallet/purse you have there. Good luck keeping it organised! I'm a bit like that, my bag gets really heavy because I just keep putting things in it and forget to sort it out until one day I put my hand inside and it comes out sticky because of sweets or something and it's disgusting. I need to sort my life out. Lol.

Yeah, that's what my bag is like. I don't foresee myself getting any better about keeping my bag sorted, but at least I'll be able to reach in and grab the important stuff!

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