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(survey) i steal from rick!

about to leave work for the LOOOOONG weekend. most of the reason i wanted one of these things is to have a place to answer all these fun quizzes and stuff so here i start

Name: tamara rose victoria fougner aka tea rose fougner aka tea-berry-blue
Age you wish you were: 23
Occupation: .nml geek, netomat designer
Location: netomat offices, 307 w 38th st NYC or my home in chelsea, manhattan
Hair color: auburn
Eye color: chocolate
How many times have you dyed your hair?: too many to count/ first time was in 1994/ dyed it blue
What colour(s)?: blue, green, mauve, burgundy, orange and green striped, purple and pink striped, chocolate brown, black, currant, blond, blond and green polkadots, fluorescent orange.
Ever worn eye colour changing contacts?: hell no
Favorite body part: eyes, hipbones, tailbone, ribs, enormous scar on my elbow
Body part people compliment the most: hair
Ever been told you resemble a celebrity?: as a child: shirley temple and little orphan annie. as a teenager: kennedy from MTV, the noxzema girl, ariel (the little mermaid). as a grown up: mary stuart masterson
Piercings?: ears,
Where?: ears
Tattoos?: not yet
Braces?: never
Ever shaved your head?: yup.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145
Fave band: 16 horsepower, elvis costello, smashing pumpkins
Play an instrument?: just sing
Ever played an instrument infront of an audience?: oboe, saxophone, microwave (don't ask)
What concerts have you attended?: too many
First concert ever attended?: dunno
How old were you?: dunno
What did you wear?: dunno
What band would you sell your soul to see?: none
What did you listen to when you were 4?: simon and garfunkel, the beatles, bob dylan, peter paul & mary
What did you listen to when you were 8?: simon and garfunkel, the beatles, billy joel, bruce springsteen, bon jovi
What did you listen to when you were 12?: simon and garfunkel, the beatles, bob dylan, musicals, billie holiday, ella fitzgerald, cole porter
Best live band: 16 horsepower
Favorite item of clothing: my lauren bacall skirt, my red cross unis, and my cheshire cat jacket
Favorite clothing store: dead people's homes
Favourite clothing label: my own
Item of clothing you want: nora's entry dress in the thin man, sabrina's party dress, or the dress katharine hepburn wears walking down the staircase in holiday
Fave animal: kitties, snakes
Any pets?: jonathan harker cat lives with my parents
Number of males/females kissed: couldn't tell ya
Number of relationships: starting with #1 at 12 which lasted a week, i think five
One you regret most: don't.
Why?: why who?
Current boyfriend/girlfriend: mikey aka doctor manhattan
Longest relationship: 5 1/2 years
Favourite body part of partner: hands
Favourite actor: john cusack, cary grant
Favourite actress: audrey hepburn
Best looking female celebrity: audrey hepburn
Best looking male celebrity: john cusack
Last movie you saw in a cinema: lord of the rings
Fave movie: the night of the hunter, breakfast at tiffany's
Fave director: david lynch, jean-pierre jeunet
Least fave movie: "the quest"
---[What do you think of when you hear...?]---
Water: wet
Summer: yech
Dance music: lights
Metal: cold
Hair: fuzzy
Snow: crystalline
Boobs: jiggly
Children: cheeks
Computers: hardware
Australia: grass
America: simon & garfunkel's song
TV: light
Tags: meme:survey
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