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I finally got my letter!

Username: WingSnitch51


Length: 13 in Wood: Sycamore Core:Dragon Flexibility: Slightly Springy


Seriously, is anyone surprised?

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I've come to the conclusion that I won't get into Pottermore until the very last day, lol. I like your wand though! I want a dragon heartstring wand too.

I think they might be going by the day people signed up. I signed up on the third day!

I thought it was random. But if is going by days, then I should get mine sometime next week (I signed up on the fourth day). I hope.

It seemed like the selection letters were random but the people I know who signed up before me have gotten their entry letters, I think.

I signed up on the fourth day too. It's been several days since I started hearing of third-day people getting on, so I think it might be next week before I get in FINALLY.

I've come to the conclusion that I won't get into Pottermore until five minutes before my plane leaves for a week-long trip to Disney World on Saturday. :P

Yessss! I need to get on this Pottermore thing eh?

It is pretty fun so far! But I basically played until I got my wand and house and now I have to stop and do some work.

Lots of Slytherins in my neck of the woods – either I have some ambitious friends, or I'm just insufficiently cool... :p

I think it's the vampires to be honest.

What did you get?

Hah, Ravenclaw – wasn't terribly surprised, given that the questions left me feeling rather nerdy ;)

I also haven't had much of a chance to poke around the site yet, but man, would my fourteen-year-old self have been geeking out right now...

My 14 year old self didn't know what the internet was so I don't know WHAT I'd be doing!

I am wondering if there's an imbalance in the size of houses on Pottermore given that it's based on answering personal questions.

Interestingly the discrepancies don't seem to be huge... If you click on the 'Great Hall' disc at the top you can see the number of people per house; Gryffindor is the only one that has significantly fewer members.

Wow, it's surprising that Gryffindor would be the one with the least members...but now that I think of it, I can't remember if anyone I know has gotten Gryffindor.

Oh hell, I can't read; assumed they were all 59000+... you Slytherins are actually a relative rarity – they're a full 1000 members behind Hufflepuff, ±900 behind Ravenclaw, and ±500 behind Gryffindor.

I was sorted into Gryffindor somehow. Because Pottermore is a cheater.

Oh, I just looked-- Gryffindor has about the same as the other houses. Slytherin has about 1000 fewer.

Woo, it's lunchtime, now I can play!

Oh men! Slytherin.
That is weird in so many levels


I'm NightMagic124

got in last night...
10in Unicorn Hair, Pine, Hard

O___o I just can't think of you as anything other than Gryffindor! This feels WRONG! That said, I think the majority of my Pottermore friends are Slytherins as of now. So weird.

I'm NoxMagic118. Added you!

Oh! How is Pottermore? I ended up forgetting, then not being able to register for it back when they had the 7 reg. days.

I like your wand!

Interesting so far-- I'm still checking it out!

I can't wait until they open it up to us plebs :D

I'm SilverCrimson159, Ravenclaw
11in, Maple, Unicorn hair core, Supple!

let's be friends!

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