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9/11 Comics Tribute

Sometimes, I will be sitting around chit-chatting with people and maybe [info]liret will say to me, “Hey, Tea, that comics tribute thing you’ve been working on is on the front page of CNN

And then I forget that I have not been telling you all enough about my life lately, mostly because I’ve been so busy, doing things like building a site, where, tomorrow at midnight EST, I’ll be posting the work of close to 100 syndicated newspaper cartoonists who were part of our project to pay tribute to the 10th anniversary of 9/11

I am really proud of this as a New Yorker and as someone whose life was profoundly affected by the events of that day, both emotionally and physically.

If you pick up a paper that carries comics on Sunday anywhere in the US, you will see cartoonists from all over the world recalling their memories of that day, thanking our firefighters and police and military men and women for their service, paying respects to those who died, and contemplating how we have changed and grown since that day. The variety of voices and messages is pretty astounding– it’s almost a hundred different people who volunteered to take part.

I spent the past few weeks working on this project, and I’ve seen every comic in the collection. A lot of them made me cry.

On the website, there are also links to the five museums who will be showing exhibits of some of the work from this project. You should try to catch it one of the shows if you are in NYC, Washington, DC, Pittsburgh or San Francisco, or pick up a newspaper this Sunday, even if you’re not in the habit.

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