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Breathing is hard
cap, captain miss america
I've been ridonkulously asthmatic for about a week and a half now and it's getting worse. I took some allergy meds this morning and it seems to be making me feel sicker instead of better, which is not how those things are supposed to work.

I guess some of you know that I developed respiratory problems shortly after 9/11. I was living in downtown Manhattan at the time and the air was wrong for a little over a month, but they told us it was nothing to worry about and I believed them. Except that I developed a chronic cough and asthma-like symptoms a little less than a year later. (There is zero history of any kind of respiratory issues in my family, fyi)

It's much better now, because now it's only triggered by my allergies which means it only gets really bad a couple of times a year, but of course early September is the beginning of the fall allergy season so I get a bit bogged down by the bitter irony of the fact that I always actually have the symptoms on the anniversary of the date.

Anyway, my head is a giant fog of cloudy sinuses and my lungs feel like they're made of rusted tin. I had a nosebleed all weekend because I kept hacking so much I would fuck up the membranes. Grr. It's hard to concentrate, it's one of those things where I feel like, you know, having a nose full of snot and sandpaper lungs shouldn't impair brain function, but it totally does.

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I will try to use my Becca magic to heal you from here. Let me know if you feel like you're starting to glow.


Oh yes I am all sparkly! Becca powers! <3

Yick. I hope you feel better soon!

Tell the asthma I don't approve. :( I am fond of you being able to get oxygen, and would be greatly disappointed if your breathing failed to continue.

There are these ads all over the subway about how if you were downtown on 9/11 and you developed breathing problems, you can qualify for subsidized care etc. Have you tried contacting the city and putting your name on that list? I'm sure you have good insurance and all, but they need to know how many people were affected, and it never hurts to not only get funds for medical care but also have a connection to anyone who is doing any kind of research on how to help people with this specific issue.

I hope you feel better very soon.

I know! I always write the number down and then lose it!

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