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It's comin' down, brick by brick.
cap, captain miss america
Uggh, I was so good about updating and now I've been so bad about updating. I need to start forcing myself to post every day again, don't I?

ANYWAY, I have bronchitis! But I also have codeine! But codeine means I can't drink :-( Boo, hiss. So I bought myself many fun things to make non-alcoholic drinks with, although it looks like my grocery store is out of tamarind soda. I am a little worried they've stopped carrying it because it looks like they only have Jarritos in pineapple, tutti fruitti, and orange, and tamarind soda is my favorite soda as it's not as sweet as most sodas and mixes well with rum. It's a little disappointing since same grocery store seems to have stopped carrying Fentimans, which is one of my favorite mixers. Grrr.

So, yes, bronchitis. Lots of liquids and soup and tea and soda and water and oh my god FLUID.

So, I've been listening to music a lot more since I got Spotify. You know, when I remember to put it on, which I...don't, always. But more. I actually have gotten to listen to songs I haven't heard in years and it's interesting how my perception of them does or does not match the actual recording. The songs I sing a lot have morphed in my head to sounding much more like my own interpretations of them which are deliberately not always like the original. Listening to Lamb's Gorecki, which was actually in the soundtrack for my junior year final project but which I don't think I've listened to much since then in spite of singing it in the shower constantly was like an epiphany! Nothing like I remembered it.

Recommend things for me to listen to. I have a hard time describing my likes and dislikes because I don't really care one whit about genre but I think I came up with a good explanation when trouserminnow asked which I think is that I like melodic songs with interesting instrumentation.

liret says I like creepy music. I think this is because I listen to a lot of songs that are in minor key. I don't like most of the music liret tells me to listen to, I think mostly because it is traditional folk music with tunes and lyrics that I find too predictable and not enough percussion or complexity in the arrangement (it always sounds a bit thin and reedy to me), but I love her anyway.

I like songs that tell stories with discrete beginnings, middles, and ends (regardless of whether there are lyrics). I like symphonic instrumentation and the use of surprising instruments (theremins, saws, kiddie toy instruments, calliopes, whatever), especially if they're incongruous with the genre of music.

As far as lyrics, I like complicated and poetic lyrics with surprising rhymes and patterns. I like puns and plays on words in my lyrics. Basically, I think I like music that challenges me. I'm not a passive listener most of the time; I listen to music actively in the sense that I can't just listen to music in the background if I'm doing something else; it tends to be the center of my focus, so it has to be the kind of thing that can hold my focus.

This probably sounds super pretentious at the moment so just a run-down of what I've listened to tonight: Cocteau Twins, Nick Cave, Elvis Costello (whom I always listen to), Buddy Holly, Bruce Springsteen, Lamb, Roy Orbison and Cat Stevens.

But I really listen to a dearth of new music and am not familiar with much from the past couple years unless it's pop music (although quizzicalsphinx recently recommended Fern Knight and I've quite liked her)


you listen to Tom Waits, right? I mean, based on your preferences I assume you do, but I just want to make sure :)

I've really been loving Austra recently, I think you should check 'em out.

Of course I listen to Tom Waits! <3 I love Tom Waits.

And thanks, I'll check out Austra.

I'm sorry your lungs are so mean. :(

And I still love you even though you listen to songs that give me a vague sense of foreboding.

You should enjoy listening to the coming of your own doom! What kind of Volunteer are you?

Oh, also, YOU should check out Fern Knight and see what you think. Because she's very much traditionally-folk-inspired but uses a lot less traditional instrumentation/arrangements.

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Thanks! I know Beirut and Neko Case but not the other two! I will check them out.

Oh bleagh! Feel better, sweetie!

i don't listen to bands... there are just sounds and songs i like. Sometimes i like the whole album, and sometimes i only like certain songs by a band. here's some songs i've been listening to on repeat lately:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEzMVV2-l5c clohinne winds

http://youtu.be/jWFb5z3kUSQ keep the streets empty

http://youtu.be/Q1WPjGR3PXc Heartblood Symphony the lyrics are a little cheesy, so i don't know if you'll like it or not... but they do tell a story.

http://youtu.be/0Y9ZQsAgveI Wolfpack I really like Sabaton, but some of their stuff is hit or miss.

http://youtu.be/cdkBs0VCSX0 Rasputin. this is part of my "I need a montage" playlist because it's so damn fun. I like the original version too, but this is so fun.

Just popping in here to say that I friggin' LOVE Keep The Streets Empty. Carry on, as you were. :)

Queen's 1970s albums? In their no-synth days they got quite creative with their instrumentation IIRC. :)

True but I obviously already know 1970s Queen!

Tori Amos has an album coming out quite soon called Night of Hunters, which is simultaneously an album of Tori-esque riffs on classical pieces and a sort of epic sprawling spirit-quest where a woman who is the embodiment of the spirit of Fire goes on a quest with a shapeshifting guide named Annabel to win back her estranged lover who is the spirit of Water. Which, if you know Tori, is just what she does on any given Tuesday. I've heard a few tracks, and I'm intrigued.

Abney Park may be a little too crunchy for you, but dude, STEAMPUNK AIRSHIP PIRATES. Try Lost Horizons or Aether Shanties.

Cloud Cult: either The Meaning of 8 or Feel-Good Ghosts

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: sounds kind of like the zombie lounge singer in Purgatory's green room? Sleazy and swanky and wasted. Frankly, if you ever occasionally enjoy the off-beat covers they put under the end credits of True Blood, you might like them.


Can they fight Pirate Jenny?

I see someone has already suggested Andrew Bird. I whole-heartedly stand behind that recommendation, FYI.

Other bands I'd check out:

:: Spoon, start with "Cherry Bomb"
:: Kimbra, start with "Settle Down"
:: Handsome Furs, start with "Dead + Rural"

I personally in love with Handsome Furs and Spoon. Kimbra is still new to me, but I think she's witty and her stuff is different from what I'm used to hearing.

Hope you like these! Let me know :)

Excellent, thank you! I will check them out! I am vaguely familiar with Spoon and Handsome Furs but only on a "oh I recognize them somewhat" level and have never given them a proper listen.

Dream Theater. Janelle Monae. Raquy and the Cavemen.

I could never get into Dream Theater, but I heart Janelle Monae like crazy. Don't know Raquy and the Cavemen, but I will give it a try!

Sometimes I listen to speed metal. Sometimes I listen to electronic dance/house/trance/etc, usually while working. But when I'm not doing either, I love quiet, moody, creepy, sort of post-alternative stuff. Of all things, I credit the early Silent Hill games with their stellar sound design for getting me into it.

Just throwing some crap on here that I've been listening to obsessively, that I haven't seen mentioned:

The Tracey Thorn cover of King's Cross. I don't understand all the comments saying she "butchered" the song. Christ, there's no comparison in my opinion; I love her melancholy take on the song, FAR more than the "proper" original.

Winter Windows by Sea Wolf

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love Mumford and Sons. Rather partial to Thistles and Weeds. (Little Lion Man and The Cave are absolute classics, but they get enough radio play that they require no further introduction).

Sad, creepy, tells a story: Room of Angel by Akira Yamaoka. Love this song. I listened to it constantly while writing my token "scary story" for Idol last season.

Finally, a song that is right out of left field but which tells a story and is COMPLETELY awesome, there's The Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers / The Ballad of Sheriff Shorty by the Dandy Warhols. I never get sick of it.

Edited at 2011-09-16 04:54 am (UTC)

Re: Woo musicdump thread!

Awesome, thank you for all the links.

I HEAR U LIEK MUDKI...er...wordplay!

This is far and away the best pun\wordplay song I know.

GoGo Boys - Jingle Bells

Just a few warnings:
1) It's in wma format, cuz that's all I got. iTunes and Windows Media Player can both handle this no probs though.
2) Anyone who is easily offended, at work, within 100 feet or work and\or someone who is easily offended - BE CAREFUL. That's all I got. >:D

Re: I HEAR U LIEK MUDKI...er...wordplay!

Hooray, thank you!!!

Bronchitis for the lose :( Get better soon!

And also, I got Spotify just today! I've been listening to Girlyman, which I think you might actually enjoy (try "Easy Bake Ovens", that's the song that hooked me). If you like them, I would also suggest Stars (a band).

Edited at 2011-09-16 05:42 am (UTC)

Cool, I will try them out! I have a public playlist of the songs I currently have stuck in my head, you should check it out! I think if you link your account to Facebook you can just pick it up that way.

Oh no, the bronchitis is evil! Feel better soon!

Meanwhile, try The Guggenheim Grotto. They're an indie Irish duo that I was really lucky to see (literally) in some guy's basement. I love their first album, "...Walzing Alone," the best, but Happy The Man is a fairly good second one. I haven't heard their third one yet, so no input on it yet.

Rasputina? Maybe the Magnetic Fields, if you like punniness.

I LISTEN TO BOTH OF THOSE THINGS ALREADY, SILLY. I tried making Jess listen to Rasputina like last week but she thought that was creepy too :-(

Rhubarb Whiskey, maybe? Full disclosure: one of 'em's a friend of mine, but I really do dig their music, too, and something about your description clicked for me.

Excellent! I will give them a listen!

Also I like rhubarb and whiskey.