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Minimal Friendscut
cap, captain miss america
I just defriended some deleted journals and a handful of journals that haven't been updated in close to a year for security purposes. If I removed you in error or if you're still around and reading and would like to be added back, let me know.

Also: I am not going to be competing in LJ Idol this year. If you follow me solely for the purpose of LJ Idol and aren't interested in my regular journal, please feel free to defriend! I will not be offended by any defriendifications and I know that sometimes it is hard to keep up when you have lots of journals to skim through.

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I started following for the idol but I stayed for the chickens. ^^

Shit, I should probably post some more chickens then!

Do not defriend me! I will follow you and seek you out to friendanate you!!! <3


I am not going to be competing in LJ Idol this year.

... didn't you say that last year? ;)

No, last year I said I wasn't drawing in LJ Idol.

I haven't posted in a long time, but I still love reading your posts!

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Yeah, definitely you have plenty of reasons to take a break.

Ten points for a magnificent new word: defriendification!

I'm glad you kept me (I think you did?)

And I want to keep you, even without Idol. I understand you not being in it but you will be missed! Maybe you'll come back for the next season...

::hugs:: You're all healthy now, right? I hope so:)

Of course I kept you! I only deleted people who haven't posted in, like, a year. I did take off one of your writing journals, just because you have so many, but this main journal I would not delete!

Um. Faithful reader, occasional commenter here. Please to restore?

Hi! You were not on my friendslist to begin with-- I have about twice as many readers as I do people I follow so I am at the point where I really only add people I interact with a lot! I post like 95% of my posts completely public, though, so you are not missing anything!

please don't delete me! :)

I won't!!! <3 Seriously, I was just deleting people who haven't updated in a year.

I have not updated in like 2 years... but you know I am an active person :P

Exactly this!!! Also I heart you!

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