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Elixir Vegetal!

So, most of you know that I’m sort of a giant nerd for cocktail things…ESPECIALLY cocktail things that are hard to find/acquire/track down, etc.

This is my holy grail of things I haven’t been able to get which only makes me want them more:

That little bottle is full of a potion called Elixir Vegetal de la Grande Chartreuse. It’s made by the Chartreuse Monks, the same people responsible for the Chartreuse Liqueurs we all know and love.

The thing is, it’s barely ever available in the US because of this little issue wherein the Chartreuse Monks won’t give the FDA the list of ingredients.

A while back, one of my favorite bitters-selling websites, Cocktail Kingdom had it, and I was super stoked and going to buy a bottle. But something weird happened with my order and it didn’t go through, and when I tried again, they no longer had it in stock. TRAGEDY.

So, this morning, I was just browsing for something on the internet, as I am often wont to do, with no particular purpose in mind, and suddenly, up on my screen popped the Elixir Vegetal product page on Cocktail Kingdom.

I was a little disoriented in a “hey, why is this showing up on my screen?” for a minute, and I was about to close out, when, on a whim, I clicked the “add to cart” button.


Cocktail Kingdom has Elixir Vegetal back in stock, if you are looking for it in the US!! Go, purchase!

Mine is coming to me shortly!

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