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Update, the short form
cap, captain miss america
I have been up to so much stuff lately, and I keep wanting to post all about it, but, as I was saying to rosefox last night, the thing about having so many things to talk about is that you end up not talking about them because you're doing them, and doing things is always more important and better than blogging about things.

Here is the short version:

--I had bronchitis!
--I went to the Big E, with bronchitis, and had delicious foods and petted some sheeps.
--whirled came to stay with me for a week and a half. We did things such as: ate Thai food; visited my grocery store; went to a Dogfish Head Beer Event; ate Big Gay Ice Cream; went to dinner at the James Beard House; went to Toloache for fancy Mexican food; went to Donut Ice Cream Sandwich Heaven; had a cocktail party attended by gildedage, justatailor, liret and others; went to Connecticut; ate food in Connecticut; went to the Durham Fair, where we ate a giant donut, a giant fried onion blossom, Polish food, and petted some llamas; made gnocchis, went to Whiskey Monday at Ward III, and went out for hamburgers and cheesecake with intrepia.
--We had a beetastrophe which I really need to write a longer post about. Most of the bees are okay, though.
--The day whirled left, I went to Denver, where I: ate lots of slow-cooked meats, ate and drank copious awesome stuff at Encore, went for an epic walk in the park, drank copious amounts of beer (I believe I tried 36 beers over the course of the weekend), ate more stuff at Encore, got my hair cut, and cooked an epic dinner with awesome cocktails with my mom and Paul.
--I returned from Denver early Sunday morning, slept, and went shoe shopping. I bought four new pairs of shoes, including SILVER SADDLE SHOES, six new pairs of tights/hose, and a new purse that is much roomier than my last one.
--Another Whiskey Monday happened.
--Tuesday, trouserminnow came to visit and we went to Astor Wines & Spirits, got a pizza at Lombardi's, and drank awesome geeky drinks Mayur made us at Amor Y Amargo, and then broke into my booze collection at home and had a super geeky awesome time.
--Yesterday, rosefox took me out to dinner at San Rocco, which was a new discovery for both of us. It was beautiful and we had an incredibly reasonable tasting menu (especially for New York) with ten amazing delicious courses that were so large that by the end we couldn't even eat it all! Rose took the leftover fish home! And there was dessert, and limoncello. We took a nice leisurely walk home and it was lovely.
--Today is my mother's 58th birthday and I am going out to dinner again!
--Tomorrow, we are going to Delaware for the weekend!
--Monday is Whiskey Monday again, then Tuesday I am going out for bubble tea and noodles with nervousystem and then Wednesday the Comic-Con events start up. King Features is going to have a booth this year so if you will be at Comic-Con, do stop by. I will probably be there Friday morning and Sunday afternoon, along with whatever other time they need me. There is also some party at Bloomingdales that I think is on Wednesday and open to the public, so I will get more info to anyone who'd like to come.

Whew. I guess this is what they mean when they say "I'll sleep when I'm dead." Or at least "I will stop eating when I'm dead."

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I am glad that you are having lots of fun.

Right now I like to read about people doing neat stuff, because I don't get to do much that's very interesting or exciting at the moment. :)

Oh I made a good virgin cocktail this past weekend.

1/2 lavender soda, 1/4 lemonade, 1/4 iced green tea.

You know, it seems to me that you are not having many activities in your life... I think you should consider a visit to Argentina to have asado with me :) As you *clearly* have nothing else to do :P

That sounds like an amazing plan!!!! Yes, I will just fit it in this week!

So I have to wonder: what makes drinks geeky...?

Do you read my LJ or don't you? :-P

Huh, you know, actually, that clarifies things for me...!

Like, it's not that the drinks are geeky *in and of themselves*... it's that the people concerned are geeky *about* them! That makes much more sense now. Thanks!

-bummer, bronchitis :(
-yay, sheep!!
-yay, food!
-poor bees :*(

You sound like you've had busy fun. Good to hear.

It has been busy fun! I would like some sleep at some point but hey you know.

ETA: On further review this sounds like a gangbang porno staring you. But still.

Edited at 2011-10-08 02:19 am (UTC)

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