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Two Communities
cap, captain miss america
I'm not going to be competing in therealljidol this year. My alter egos won't be competing, either. To tell you the truth, I'm burnt out on it, and I really don't like competing against other people at all. It's just not my thing. I tried it a second year and really was very unhappy with the whole experience overall, in spite of writing some stuff that I really liked. I love Gary and all the stuff he's doing but I've come to the realization that the nature of the competition is not for me.

Instead, I'm making graphics for therealljidol which you can find here. And you might see me around now and then. I'm thinking of writing some Home Game stuff. This isn't a recommendation against Idol, quite the opposite. If you're interested in playing, you should! It is a good way to get into the habit of writing regularly, and you will meet tons of awesome people.

If you're like me and only like competition that is silly and superficial and involves Quidditch and funny art, you should instead go to hogwarts_elite.

You should go there, and fill out the application and then put this image at the bottom of your application and tell them that teaberryblue sent you.:

There are contests every week with art and graphics and trivia and writing and other things. You get to read applications and sort the applicants into their Hogwarts House. There are super nerdy Harry Potter and other fandom discussions.

I have been making so many amazing graphics for hogwarts_elite! So many that I started a graphic LJ, but it doesn't have anything but the LJ Idol graphics in it yet! Soon.

So, yes, you should do these things. Or one of these things. Or both of these things.

Meanwhile, I am exhausted from Comic-Con. More on that later!

if you have questions or thoughts or whatever about these things, let me know!

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I so feel you on that. I'm probably going to be Home Gameing it in LJ Idol again this year too. The competition is great, but a third year just isn't for me. I'd rather put my energies into H-E and write you lot some amazingly cool stuff.

[also, I submitted an article for the gif contest and I love it. I think it's one of my favourite things I've written XD ]

Yeah, one of the things I like in H_E is that every contest is different and it really keeps me from getting burnt out on just one thing. Plus, if you miss one week, you can do the next week, no problem!

Eeee, I'm excited to see it!!!

So I totally misread that as "Quidditch and furry art" and wondered what pikacharma submitted this time. XD


this is why I shouldn't LJ when I'm tired, haha. I get wacky ideas like that.

You should do home game comics!

Also, I tried archery yesterday. I am, in fact, pretty good at it.

I am signed up for Idol again, because last season I flaked out and then wished I was still playing. Plus, entertainment while breastfeeding. :)

I'm also excited, because it looks like another one of my friends is applying to H_E. And she's awesome and super nice. :)

Yay, Destiny! Is it a friend I know?

Hmm, if I did, it wasn't by her LJ name! But I am sure she is awesome!

She was Spidez back in NP days. Also was the sorting caretaker in HiH then too.

Oh yeah... and when she was sorting caretaker, I think she had a different username. At least when I first joined she did.

But the good news is: no matter what she's called she's a great person!

I kept wondering who was doing all the nifty new graphics.

I joined the ap comm of H_E but never drummed up the gumption to actually apply. It's been sooo long since I've read Harry Potter.

I did the lightning bolt ones, not the ship's wheel ones!

And you should apply! It's a really goofy, geeky place and I think you would fit right in. You don't need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the books; I will be happy to look over your app and make sure there aren't any horrible mistakes!

I will miss your writing for Idol! But I understand why you're not competing and I don't want you to be unhappy.

I need to get more of my friends to apply for H_E!

Aww, I'll miss you around Idol this year- some of the best game-related discussions I had last year were with your alter-ego! I understand the competition aspect though; I'm only joining because I know I'd feel left-out and sad if I didn't, and I meet such awesome people every year, I'd wonder which new friends I was missing out on. The competition is totally not what keeps me playing.

I looked at the H_E app and it intimidated the heck out of me!

(Deleted comment)
You don't really need to let it probe deep into your psyche if you don't want it to! How personal you get is really up to you. I would love for you to join!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I think especially in the beginning reading everything is super hard.

Ahh I meant to comment back! I'll be around and participating in game-related discussion-- just not writing. I feel like I can contribute better as a third-party who is not competing, really.

And aww! The app is long but it is a lot of fun to do! Do it a little bit at a time!

This means we can make comics about llamas together.

I agree with this observation. More comics about llamas.

Damn, I was sure that ljidol was pretty superficial realistically, but then you added the Quidditch part. I don't think Gary has us hanging out on brooms and grabbing golden snitches yet. Pretty sure of that. I might be sure. He might not do that. I hope.

I mean more that people in LJ Idol tend to get pretty emotionally invested in the competition part, which is a lot of why I decided to sit this one out. People in H_E just do the contests for shits and giggles, mostly, so it's a different kind of environment.

But there may be some Quidditch! After all, lightning bolts= Harry Potter!!!

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