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Blast from the Past!
cap, captain miss america
One of my friends from college just sent me a picture from college-- I'm not sure what year...judging by the hair, it's probably Sophmore or Junior Year. The gentleman I'm kissing is Fred, who would go on to star in my Senior Film Production Thesis.

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You are adorable! I love your braids. :D

Thank you!! I used to wear my hair in braids a lot, back when I lived in a dorm with communal showers!

What is it with college women and experimenting with kissing snakes? :)

That's an awesome photo.

Hee, thanks! Fred was a very sweet snake.

how pretty!

and you were very cute too. ^_~

seriously, though, any idea what breed of snake?

I have no idea!

And thanks-- I am just fascinated by how differently I carry myself but how similarly I look.

You're precious and I love this picture.

Adding all the 'You're cute' comments. And I like your friend Fred!

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