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Lookie what I got!
cap, captain miss america

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It looks pretty awesome. Love the way the bird is designed.

I am so excited! It's right in time for me to be Haymitch in LJ Idol, too!

Okay that thing is pretty darn nifty.

My first thought was I love your hair, only afterward did I notice the cool pin. :)

The pin looks beautiful. However, at first I thought it was part of the design of your T-shirt!

I wondered if it looked like a patch on my sweater! But yes, it's a pin!

You can order them online!!! I got mine from Newbury Comics!

Good to know. SOO cool that you have one!:)

I am so excited for WEARING IT ALL THE TIME.

You are supposed to wear that in secret! Now everyone will know you are a revolutionary!

Pfft I think they will figure that out from the incendiary pamphlets. "Incendiary" being a word which here means "made from explosive paper."

A lecture from someone standing over you?

Hey, I'll be in the city this weekend. Just for the day, by myself, any tips on what I should NOT MISS?

Are there lots of Idol people in NYC? Do you guys do meetups?

My pin!!!!

Hey! Which day? I am totally into meeting up with people but my Saturday is kinda packed-- I have an event to go to that is 9am to 3pm at Teacher's College, and then a party that eve. Sunday, I am free the whole day and could do pretty much anything!

intrepia is also in New York and will probably meet up with you if you ask!

What kinds of things do you want to do? My suggestions for running around the city pretty much involve stuffing yourself with food until you burst.

Ha ha, I was looking at your necklace until I realized I was supposed to be looking at the mockingjay pin XD

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