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This idea thing
cap, captain miss america
So me and fellow llamaficionado joeymichaels were talking last week about how we've opted to stay out of LJ Idol this year. Both of us want to continue to have support to work on our writings separate from LJ Idol (and maybe a little less separate if we each opt to do some home gaming).

Who here would be interested in doing some writing support type stuffy things? We aren't so much talking about a crit group so much as literary cheerleading.

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I would! I'm Home Gameing this year too, but I love talking writing support and doing round-circle ideas-exchanging type author stuff. Anything to do with encouraging writing ideas and refining styles is good with me.

Awesome, I would love to have you! I'm not entirely sure what form this will take, but I think it is a good thing to have encouragement.

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I'm interested :D though too brain-fuzzy right now to really commit to anything ;)

This is approximately where I am right now too.

It's cool; I think this is going to be something fairly casual.

That's cool! I don't see this as being a deep commitment.

Depending on what type of cheerleading, I am happy to provide good cheer!

Awesome! I'm not sure whether we've figured out what kind of cheerleading yet, it was mostly a "let's do some mutual encouragement to help us reach goals."

Do I get to have pom-poms? Honestly, November is likely to be crazy in my world so I'll start slow, but past that I'd love to join in.

Awesome! And the pom-poms are free with every purchase.

I will cheer lead you as much as I am able. I hope to do some home game stuff and maybe just some essay writing about my life as well. I need to write more. It's really therapeutic for me. I wish people would ask me questions or something that would get me writing.

That sounds great. I would be happy to help you out with questions or whatever.

Sounds like a great trade. If you have any questions while reading my posts bring them on.

I did just write a poem for the LJ Idol home game. I feel better now. I love poetry and it never did well in idol.

I have black and gold pom-poms, so I can only literary cheerlead you if you are writing about Hufflepuffs or the New Orleans Saints.

Oooh I'm from LA too! >_> The LSU season is driving me crazy though since I live right near the college. So. Much. Traffic.

I can write about Hufflepuffs in New Orleans? Maybe Edward Cullen can go visit Lestat.

I'd be interested in a light workshoppy thing. Or anything you're doing really. Unless it involves nudity. >_>

I am on board, obviously. I owe theafaye like 30,000 words or something.

Edited at 2011-10-24 11:58 pm (UTC)

I might be interested in this! I only say "might" because I am honestly so bad about sticking to things outside of work right now, but it sounds really awesome! I could definitely use some motivation to continue working on my other projects.

(Deleted comment)
Hooray! It's cool, I think this is just going to be like a "SHOUT ENCOURAGING WORDS" type of thing.

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