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The Sketchbook Project
cap, captain miss america

[info]whirled directed me over to The Sketchbook Project today, and I signed up! It looks like a fun and exciting project, and all of you who enjoy drawing/writing/thingying should take a look and see if it is up your alley.

Here is how it works: You sign up by Halloween (one week from today). You will get to choose a “theme” for your sketchbook, or ask them to assign you a theme. The themes can be interpreted as strictly or as loosely as you like. They send you a sketchbook in the mail. You fill up the sketchbook by the end of January, and send it back. Then it will go on a tour of museums and libraries with all the other sketchbooks people are filling up.

I thought this sounded neat! If you do, too, go go go and take a look! It is $25 to participate– that includes the fee of them mailing you a sketchbook just for the project. They also just sent me a code that will get you a small discount: ADDAFRIEND

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If you edit your theme after you go into the order form section, there are a lot more to choose from!

The Sketchbook Project is very cool. I keep telling myself I'll sign up for it, but I never get around to doing so.

I'm sure, you'll do a fabulous job, though. :)

Oh, you should! The more the merrier! You have a week to sign up!

I know. I only hesitate, because I am doing LJ Idol and Nanowrimo, as well as all my other current writing projects. This additional project might be too much on my plate at once.

(Deleted comment)
I know, it's completely insane, but sometimes we need a little insanity in our lives. :)

That looks really cool. I'm sure you'll do awesome!

Signed up! Asked for a random theme and got "Nothing new"

Woo,hooray! This is going to be exciting!

Of course now I'm like 'ommmmg what am I going to do for this theme!??!'

Well I thought that was one of the more open themes because, you know, "Nothing new under the sun."

Yeah, that phrase has been going around my head :-p

You could plagiarize great works of art!
You could draw things that are used or old!
You could center every page on a quote about history!

oooooooooooooo you and your brain!

It is inside my head, brainstormin' things!

I was thinking about newspapers and old photos as well

Newspapers and old photos sounds excellent! Articles from the old New York Sun!

(Deleted comment)
Oh, hooray! I'm excited to see what you do.

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