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The Sketchbook Project

[info]whirled directed me over to The Sketchbook Project today, and I signed up! It looks like a fun and exciting project, and all of you who enjoy drawing/writing/thingying should take a look and see if it is up your alley.

Here is how it works: You sign up by Halloween (one week from today). You will get to choose a “theme” for your sketchbook, or ask them to assign you a theme. The themes can be interpreted as strictly or as loosely as you like. They send you a sketchbook in the mail. You fill up the sketchbook by the end of January, and send it back. Then it will go on a tour of museums and libraries with all the other sketchbooks people are filling up.

I thought this sounded neat! If you do, too, go go go and take a look! It is $25 to participate– that includes the fee of them mailing you a sketchbook just for the project. They also just sent me a code that will get you a small discount: ADDAFRIEND

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