tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Ouchy my leg!

I did something to my leg.

I am not sure what. But here is the story, morning glories:

A couple of weeks ago, these tremendous bruises showed up on my calves. This happens to me a lot as I have a mild clotting factor disorder and am sometimes iron deficient, so it doesn't really worry me that much even though it looks GROSS.

I don't even actually know if this is related. But it happened.

Then, yesterday, I started to notice that my left calf was a little twingy. No big deal, you know, it happens to the best of us. I rode my bike for a little while and it didn't really hurt at all.

Today I was very pleased to manage to get a seat on BOTH subways on my way to work. BOTH. This almost never happens. Usually I will get a seat on one train or the other, but not both. I was delighted and read my book (I am almost finished with A Clash of Kings, and looking forward to reading something that I will finish in a week instead of taking a month).

I got off the subway, and for once I was not reading as I ascended the stairs-- this is a, um, bad habit of mine. But today I wasn't.

Then, my left calf spasmed on the stairs, really badly, and led me to trip over my right foot, since I couldn't get my left foot down on the next stair in time. I took a spill-- not a bad one-- and my right shoe fell off my foot. A lady behind me was kind enough to get it for me.

Oddly? On the way out of the house this morning, I put on my flats instead of my wedges. I wasn't even wearing anything that any normal person could explain tripping in. It was just like, boom.

When I straightened up and got my shoe back on, my calf was really, really sore. Walking to work-- well, I wasn't limping, but let's just say I was ginger about it.

I don't think I've ever felt pain like this before. I don't mean "pain this bad" because intensity-wise, it's really not too horrible, but I've never really had this sort of muscular kind of injury.

I've taken some naproxen and I'll see if it feels better before deciding what to do, but ew, leg.
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