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cap, captain miss america
So I was having this conversation with sunnyrea about the things people tell one another on LJ and how people see us differently maybe from what we are actually like, and I got to thinking of those Johari windows people post from time to time, and how the failing of the Johari is that it really isn't very open-ended and it doesn't take into consideration our own opinions of what words mean and things like that. So I am going to do something kind of like that, but open-ended.

Yeah, this is kind of a...ballsy thing to post. If you're not comfortable answering all of them, just answer some. I will not take answers to the negative questions personally because I think that is the kind of thing that people should be self-aware about. I respect all of you enough to know that you won't use the opportunity to say something deliberately hurtful!

What do you think are my most positive characteristics? (Pick 3-5)

What do you think are my most negative characteristics? (Pick 3-5)

What is one thing you think I'm good at that you suspect I am unaware of?

What things do you think I am best at? (Pick 3-5)

What things do you think I am worst at? (Pick 3-5)

Name up to three things you think I might aspire/wish/dream about doing

What do you think my greatest fear might be?

What do you suspect I might be insecure about?

Would you like to post this poll to your LJ and do it for you?
Here is the code to copy-paste.

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(Deleted comment)
Ahh, thank you! I think I asked some hard stuff which might mean I get fewer responses but CURIOSITY. It is really neat to think about how I may be consciously presenting myself versus unconsciously presenting myself.

Some of them were kind of hard to answer. And some of the 3-5 ones were easy to come up with 2 for but not 3... I did anyway.

Your answers were really interesting, thank you!

I don't know how to answer the first two questions because "positive" and "negative" don't make sense without context. Traits that are positive in the workplace can be negative in one's personal life, or vice versa.

Most negative characteristic: underanalyzing livejournal poll questions?

I like this. I'm going to post it to my own journal and then come back in the week and give my answers to yours (I'm on holiday in Germany at the moment so my internet is sketchy and I need to think about it - but I will come back and do it).

ETA: I answered the first two, so I guess I'll actually come back and do it in stages ;)

ETA2: Aaaand, done. I'm aware that the positive/negative traits that I chose were basically the same, but that is because I believe that most people's greatest strength is also their greatest weakness.

Edited at 2011-11-09 10:52 am (UTC)

That took a lot of thought, and I hope my answers helped!

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