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So I was having this conversation with sunnyrea about the things people tell one another on LJ and how people see us differently maybe from what we are actually like, and I got to thinking of those Johari windows people post from time to time, and how the failing of the Johari is that it really isn't very open-ended and it doesn't take into consideration our own opinions of what words mean and things like that. So I am going to do something kind of like that, but open-ended.

Yeah, this is kind of a...ballsy thing to post. If you're not comfortable answering all of them, just answer some. I will not take answers to the negative questions personally because I think that is the kind of thing that people should be self-aware about. I respect all of you enough to know that you won't use the opportunity to say something deliberately hurtful!

What do you think are my most positive characteristics? (Pick 3-5)

What do you think are my most negative characteristics? (Pick 3-5)

What is one thing you think I'm good at that you suspect I am unaware of?

What things do you think I am best at? (Pick 3-5)

What things do you think I am worst at? (Pick 3-5)

Name up to three things you think I might aspire/wish/dream about doing

What do you think my greatest fear might be?

What do you suspect I might be insecure about?

Would you like to post this poll to your LJ and do it for you?
Here is the code to copy-paste.

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