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I have been so hellaciously busy!

So far, my week went like this:

Monday, I went to my psychologist and to Whiskey Monday. A bunch of the folks from the vodka distillery came out to Whiskey Monday as well!

Oh. Did I mention the vodka distillery? Yes? No? Last Wednesday, I went out to visit a friend of a friend's vodka distillery-- which, right now, is a giant empty warehouse space WHERE THEY ARE BUILDING THEIR OWN STILL. And they have all these cool machines and stuff, and it was pretty sweet. I love meeting booze nerds, and knowing someone with a still that close is kind of excellent. Anyway, some of them came to Whiskey Monday, which was pretty nifty. It was entertaining to me because none of my local friends have managed to come yet, but the people I just met last week all came pretty much right away.

Tuesday, I took a class on holiday cocktails at Amor Y Amargo. It was really informative and I learned a lot. And drank a lot of delicious cocktails. And ate some delicious food.

Yesterday, I was supposed to go shopping with my mother but the weather was hellacious and I pretty much just completely and totally zonked out. I did some stuff to get ready for Hogsmeade at hogwarts_elite, but I think it's the first day in over two weeks that I had nothing after work. So I suppose that's not technically busy, but it was...busy recouping?

We also had a bakeoff at work! I made these amazing triple salted caramel cupcakes...but I brought them on the wrong day. Which was a drawback as far as competing, but definitely a plus in that there were twelve entries on the actual day of and you could tell that no one really tried more than three or four things. So everyone actually tasted my cupcakes. I made two kinds of caramel from scratch, one caramel sauce and one with burnt sugar that got beaten into the buttercream. They were AWESOME.

...Someone whose wife made a carrot cake won.

This morning, I was super hungry and lethargic just a little while ago, and then I remembered there were still leftovers from the bakeoff. Thank you, peanut butter bars!

Today, we have a work party, which should be fun.

Then, tomorrow, I'm off to Connecticut for the Thanksgiving Stravaganza. I think I'm cooking for 10-12 people this year. Very excited. I bought all the booze for the party on Tuesday night, and it's sitting under my desk at work.

Also also!

Remember this poll that I posted last week? I got a few responses-- about 7-- and I found them very interesting, especially in a few cases where I would like to report some findings:

1) There are definitely disparate responses between people who know me in person and people who know me on the internet. People who know me primarily on the internet tended to characterize me with stronger and more forceful words than people who know me or have interacted with me more in person.

2) The person whose answers most matched the way I perceive myself is probably the person I interact with the least, and someone whom I have never met, which was interesting because apart from that outlier, I would say there was a direct correlation between how much someone interacts with me and whether they perceive me similarly to how I perceive myself.

3) The person who perceived me the least like I perceive myself is someone whom I already tend to disagree with about their perceptions of other people before looking at their responses. I of course don't mean this as a value judgment of any of you who responded, because I think you are all lovely people, and I don't know that it means that this person is actually imperceptive, or that we just have very different ways of characterizing people, or notice/value different things about people.

4) People who know me primarily through hogwarts_elite (regardless of whether we met that way to begin with) are more likely to characterize me using words commonly associated with Gryffindor house than people who do not.

5) I apparently know some cool chickens.

As a follow-up, and because I suspect it's easier to fill out, I made myself a new Johari window. I have an old one, but I feel like these things change over time.
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