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Look what someone sent to work today
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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I love those things. You can't buy comedy that good.

Technically, you can! There is an address to order away for them!!!

I found that one online. Apparently, the moral of the story is to find a dying rich guy and convince him you are essential to his hope of an afterlife, and then you get to be a millionaire too. I'm totally going to work on that.

AWESOME. I will do this too. Perhaps this can be our Thanksgiving project.

So that's how I can fund my cruise.

Oh, man, that's just some serious fun right there! I haven't been given a Chick tract for years!

Me neither! I used to have the awesome D&D one when I was a kid.

*glows* Oh, that's the Holy Grail of Chick Tracts--the other one that comes lose is the Halloween one!

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