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cap, captain miss america
I am terrifically exhausted today. Let me tell you this thing, though! The past two nights I did not get enough sleep. But I woke up and was all chipper. Today I was like, okay. I mean, last night, I was like, okay. Need to sleep. So I went to bed at a reasonable time.

And I woke up feeling like a lead brick. I actually hit my snooze button, which I never do. I vaguely remember being heavily invested in seeing what would happen next in my dream, but now I don't remember the dream at all. And then got out of the bathroom to discover I had taken 40 minutes to shower and wash my face and brush my teeth instead of the usual 20. It was like I had stepped into some weird time warp. I don't know how I did that.

In other news, I found this old McSweeney's article that appears to have been written for pikacharma.

Also, I went out with spiralstairs for soup last night. We went to this place I have passed like a billionty times and somehow was under the mistaken assumption that it was fancier than it was. Inside, awesome homemade soup. I got this thing with broccoli rabe and beef. Nom. We chatted a bit but then my foot started to go numb from sitting on the stool so I took that as meaning it was time to go home.

I'm also trying to catch up on TV, since I missed like, all of it ever? I'm caught up on Walking Dead, House and Glee now. I've been trying to watch Person of Interest but I'm so many episodes behind I don't know if it will ever happen. Basically I just like watching Michael Emerson do anything.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is very good and I quite like it. I'm also already like 2/3 through it and suspect I will finish it today or tomorrow. It's a very quick, easy read, and much more of a kids' book than I was suspecting. Which I definitely mean as a positive thing; I feared from the premise that it might be pretentious and it isn't at all. It's accessible and plotty and fantastical and coming-of-agey.

I also got the Dragon Age games because they were on sale for like $40 for all three of them, so I've been playing Origins. I started with DAII before I found out that what you do in Origins can affect the second game, so I went back to play through that first, which is kind of neat and exciting.

Is that everything? I think that's everything for now. Merry last day of November, everyone!

ETA! My Mama is in the New York Times!!!

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1) These books. OMG THESE BOOKS. Starting part two of book three. Omg I want to carry Finnick around in a marsupial pouch to keep him safe.

2) omg Dragon Age. Yeah make sure you play Awakening and import your game into DAII. They actually remind me a lot of the Hunger Games. This is a week for damn good storytelling! :D

3) So glad you liked the soup place! (Oomph! Sorry your foot was falling asleep!) That place is actually really popular with students because it's like the most amazing soup for reasonable prices. Gawbless 'em.


And yeah, I have Awakening, too, so I will play it! And the soup was exciting!

In book 2, Finnick annoyed me. That wasn't the case with book 3. -evil grin-

I think that Finnick annoys Katniss at first, which is why we're supposed to start out thinking he's annoying, too, and then it turns out he has more depth of character. Unless he stopped annoying you because of what the evil grin is :-P

Your mother's quote in the New York Times is awesome.

I'm reading Miss Peregrine's myself right now; just finished chapter 9. In some ways, it's *less* childish than I expected. The language is wonderful, but sort of dense. Given the cover photo, I expected it to be more girl-centered. The adjustment has been a bit of a slog.

I'm enjoying it, mind you, but not in the same way that I expected to.

See, I had heard the premise of the book as a concept novel that revolved around found photographs, so I was expecting something a bit pretentious and arty, but it's a very straightforward story. And the language is actually way less dense and more direct than I was expecting...but I also just finished Feed which is incredibly highly stylized. So it might be relative.

Also, it has way more of a linear plot than I expected.

Edited at 2011-12-01 02:15 am (UTC)

So, how did you feel about this season of The Walking Dead?

The season isn't over! There is more in February, it's just on break for the holidays!

I feel like they're expanding their focus to more of the side characters, which I like. I like that they've been spending more time on Glen and Daryl especially.

I was kind of let down by the "big reveal" since it was sort of what I was expecting and not really that surprising. I was also disappointed that they really only spent a small part of a single episode dealing with Herschel's attempts to rescue Walkers before killing everyone in the barn. It would have been neat to see more of that dynamic before they got killed off.

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