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Blueberry KEX!!
cap, captain miss america

One of my friends spent some time in Sweden a few years ago, and mailed me some KEX. Kex, if you don’t know it, is something like our sugar wafer cookies, but denser, and coated in chocolate. That is the best way to explain it. I loved it! Sometimes I can find it in New York, but not often.

But a couple weeks ago, my friends Aleph and Beth, one of whom is Swedish and both of whom live in Sweden, came to visit the US. I didn’t get to see them, but they made their presence known in the form of a box of delicious candy.

In the box was a bar of Kex, but also several bars of flavored Kex, in blueberry and raspberry, something I’ve never seen, let alone tasted. So I was very excited by this development.

Unwrapping it, you can really smell a whiff of blueberry. It reminds me of smelling something else, too, but I don’t remember exactly what– obviously something else berry-scented. I think it may have been a Dagoba chocolate bar, but I’m not sure. I actually procrastinated on tasting it because I liked smelling it so much!

The flavor of it, while having a hint of blueberry, isn’t actually as distinctive as the scent, which was interesting to me. It tasted a little different from regular Kex, and if I hadn’t known the flavor, I would have known it was some kind of fruit, but I’m not sure blueberry would have occurred to me. Hmm. All in all, though, an exciting gift!!!

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You keep making me jealous of your candies! When the fudge I ordered from that priest comes I am so posting food porn pics. Revenge! >_>

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