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Thank you Secret Santa!

So today I got a little box in the mail from the gift exchange I signed up for over at [info]hogwarts_elite!

That is earrings, courtesy of [info]pixycat! Who also happens to be my newest addition to my friendslist, so EXCITING ABOUT THAT. Thank you so much!

I’ve also been having some good conversations with Mere today. They go like this:

Mere: (3:15:53 PM) why does my sinus cavity hate me?
Tea: (3:16:20 PM) because when adam and eve defied god in eden, he punished them by creating sinuses
Mere: (3:16:51 PM) oh ok
Mere: (3:36:32 PM) that was a poor move on their part
Tea: (3:36:38 PM) yeah
Tea: (3:36:44 PM) they shouldn’t have eaten that apple
Mere: (3:37:04 PM) slash pomegranate
Tea: (3:41:55 PM) yes
Tea: (3:42:23 PM) but see pomegranate was the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. apple was the fruit of the tree of sinus headaches.
Tea: (3:42:47 PM) little known fact
Mere: (3:46:00 PM) oh, very interesting
Mere: (4:46:51 PM) also, dogs make the worst secretaries
Tea: (4:47:45 PM) well after crocodiles
Mere: (4:48:45 PM) yes
Mere: (4:48:53 PM) but they are very bad at their jobs.
Tea: (4:48:59 PM) yes
Mere: (4:49:06 PM) they either sleep on the job
Mere: (4:49:18 PM) or they are trying to hand me their angry bird toy
Tea: (4:49:35 PM) that is an important task for a secretary
Mere: (4:49:40 PM) crocodiles have the decency to try and eat you
Tea: (4:49:42 PM) if you are the secretary of angry birds toys
Mere: (4:49:49 PM) yes, true
Tea: (4:49:55 PM) yes but they eat the files too
Mere: (4:50:13 PM) but they are effective paper shredders
Tea: (4:50:17 PM) true
Tea: (4:50:24 PM) it’s just that they also shred the desk
Tea: (4:50:32 PM) and the copy machine
Mere: (4:50:43 PM) so they’re a bit overzealous
Tea: (4:50:50 PM) yes
Mere: (4:50:55 PM) they have a true puritan work ethic
Tea: (4:50:56 PM) they like their job too much
Tea: (4:51:08 PM) they should really take some vacation
Mere: (4:51:28 PM) yes, so that they don’t get burned out
Mere: (4:51:39 PM) or in their case, dull
Tea: (4:52:33 PM) there is nothing worse than a dull crocodile
Tea: (4:52:40 PM) except maybe a dog secretary
Tea: (4:53:21 PM) we have had some good conversations today. do you mind if i post them to lj to share?
Mere: (4:53:35 PM) please do
Tea: (4:53:39 PM) hooray
Mere: (4:54:00 PM) i expect the harvard business journal would be interested to hear our managerial perspective
Tea: (4:54:06 PM) i agree
Mere: (4:55:03 PM) secretary #2 is licking himself. sigh.

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