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hi all.

i finally bit the bullet.

i deleted five friends.

now, no one did anything to upset me or misuse me. i don't really post friends-only entries because i wouldn't be keeping an online journal if i didn't want the world to see my thoughts. so if i deleted you, please feel welcome to continue to read my journal if you are so disposed. i harbor no ill-will. i just...need to concentrate on the people who i really care about, who my heart goes out to when they are sad or who make me giggle inside when they are happy. some people who aren't close friends...i can manage to read their posts once in a while and i am truly interested, but i feel guilty when i find out that some of the people online who i care about most are going through bad times and i miss their posts.

i didn't pare down the list enormously; this might even sound petty. it was hard enough to drop anyone at all. but i'm using this as a communique, and i want to be able to transmit and receive and know the message is loud and clear on both ends.

anyone I know through KiSS is still there. anyone from sheroes and/or DoTG is still there. anyone from RL is still there. a couple people who are reminders that things that happened years ago aren't dreams are still there. one or two people i met through live journal have captivated me enough to keep you. but for the most part that's who i deleted. i didn't create this to make friends, and i want to make sure i keep the ones i have.

cheery-o. this was hard. but i can't be caring intensely about people i don't know right now.
Tags: friends cut, internet, livejournal
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