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cap, captain miss america

I don’t know if I have an excuse. Maybe I was tired. Maybe I was cold. Maybe I was running late. Maybe it was dark. Maybe I was carrying a really big bag.

But here’s what I noticed, while walking across my office floor, after I had been at work for about an hour and fifteen minutes:


In my defense, they are technically the same shoe with a different “style” so the soles and heels are identical and they FEEL identical?

…But that’s a pretty weak defense.

Fortunately, I had actually packed a different pair of shoes to wear for New Year’s, so I put those on:


The only trouble here, as I sit at my desk ruminating about the end of the day, is trying to decide whether to wear the mismatched but comfortable shoes to commute, or the matching but not really conducive to carrying heavy luggage full of booze.



Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Wear the mismatches and tally how many people notice XD

It's New York! People wear way weirder stuff than that!

I wore them on the subway, I saw one lady eyeing them and I flashed her a big old grin and she smiled back. Other than that, I don't think anyone noticed.

That is impressive! I had a shirt on backwards and inside out before, but this takes the cake :D

I have had shirts inside out or backwards but I don't think both at the same time!

(Deleted comment)
I did! The silver shoes are very comfortable, but they have two inch heels and not much in the way of ankle support, so I was concerned about twisting an ankle.

I LOLed... this is the sort of thing I do. Usually on the same day as I put the keys in the fridge ;)

I sometimes put things in the fridge instead of freezer or vice versa! I don't think I've ever done the keys though.

I often try to put the kettle in the fridge.

Ha ha! At least the heels were the same height! Both pairs are super cute; shoe envy, I has it.

I feel like if the heels weren't the same, I would have noticed before I left the house. I do have excellent shoes! Clark's!!




I once went to class and noticed I couldn't walk right all day. I was falling all over the place (more so than usual) and I was getting worried since I felt off...

I realized later that I was wearing two different shoes. Both were platform Mary Janes, but different heights. That's when I realized I had a Mary Jane shoes addiction. They looked almost exactly alike even, but not exactly the same.

Oh no! That's terrible! Mine at least were the same height, but a little more embarrassing that I couldn't tell the difference!

I wore two different shoes for several hours before I noticed (a co-worker noticed, and not the kind to think two different shoes was a cool thing). In my defense, one was a plain black pump with a 2.5 inch heel, and one was a plain black pump with a 2.5 inch heel and an embossed paisley pattern. It must have been dim in my room when I dressed.

I also used to find awesome shoes in several colors, and occasionally shared them with a friend with the same foot size; I had strappy pumps in red, gold and black, and I had granny boots in black and cream.

Why is it that these days, I never find shoes so wonderful (and reasonably priced) that they are worth buying several pair?

HEEEE, your shoes are different! :P

I'd keep the mismatched, comfy pair on - who's really looking at feet level anyway? And as you say, it's New York!

I've done the whole "shirt on backwards" thing, but I've never done this! Knowing me, it's only a matter of time.

Those silver ones are awesome.

Can you figure out why I find this totally amusing? hahaha. I have the excuse! Grin.

Tea~ It's Jax from H_E! Do you mind if I friend you? Your said that it's okay to do so in your profile but I just thought I'd check. ^^;

Of course you may! Yeah, I tend to view my LJ as a mostly-public blog, so I have no issue with anyone friending me!

Next time it happens say you did it intentionally, maybe you'll start a new trend..!

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