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In which I enlist the help of the internets!!!
cap, captain miss america


I have exciting news to start off. You know my whole “I am going to be the cleanest lady EVER” plan?

IT IS WORKING. It has been working for exactly a month! My apartment has STAYED CLEAN for a whole month. This is unheard of in the land of Tea. Now, it probably isn’t as clean as some of you would expect when you hear “clean” but the floors are clear, the clothing is hung in the closet, the furniture is dusted, and the sink is devoid of dishes. In my land, that’s clean.

Anyway, one of the other things I’ve done is started lots of to do lists, including shopping lists and chore lists, and I’ve been doing a great job of conquering those, too.

One of the things I started is a wish list, and it includes a few important things that I would like to get for my apartment. And I’ve decided that, as a result of keeping the apartment clean for a month, I am going to buy one of them.

So, I’ve been looking at beds. And at other things for my apartment, which I’ve been putting up on a board over on Pinterest, which you can check out here

Anyway, I went to Raymour and Flanigan today and looked at this bed:

(Link to source here)

It’s very pretty, very classic, and surprisingly sturdy for a metal bed. It is not the cheapest bed I’ve seen, but definitely very reasonable by bed standards.

I felt that I liked it enough that I would choose it over most of the many beds I saw online, partly because one thing that concerns me with buying a bed online is that you don’t know how sturdy it will be.

However, there were two other beds that were very unique and pretty, and that I didn’t want to rule out, so I went to Pottery Barn, because both of them were from there.

They were, however, both somewhat more money.

One is this headboard:

(link to source)

Note that this is only a headboard, not a full bed. But I really like it because it’s very unique and has a steampunky feel to it.

The other is this bed:

(link to source)

This one is a full bed, and as you may notice, it is about double the price of the first bed. I like it because it’s very distinctive, though, and it has pretty crystal bedknobs. And like all good students of Professor Emilius Browne’s Correspondence College of Witchcraft, I do have a particular fondness for bedknobs. Which are sadly lacking on the first bed. Note that it does come in dark pewter as well as white. Although I think I prefer the white.

Now, even with the cost of this bed, it is affordable for me, so that’s not really a worry. But the problem is, when I got to Pottery Barn, they did not have either of these beds available to view.

My desk and some of the things in my parents house are from Pottery Barn, and their furniture is just beautiful, so I trust that the quality and durability is good. But it would have been nice to see them in person! They did have a wall sculpture that matched the headboard, and it was quite nice. But they did not have the headboard or the bed. And it’s a little aggravating because I do feel like seeing them in person would have settled the question.

My bedroom is cream color with white trim, and most of my furniture in my bedroom is very old-fashioned. I have multiple colors of wood, all dark or painted black, and the rug, curtains and bedding are all various shades of burgundy and gold. I have a very pretty old fashioned mirror with a mahogany-colored frame, and mahogany-colored bookshelves. I have lots of old-fashionedy stuff in my room, like an old leather briefcase, several old wooden jewelry boxes, and I’ve got a little bit of a bird motif going on, although not a ton. My apartment also happens to have those beautiful old-fashioned crystal doorknobs that look almost identical to the bedknobs on that one bed, although I can’t guarantee I will be here forever or always have crystal doorknobs.

Thoughts? Advice? I’m not super worried about finances in this case, but price does come into play from the standpoint of the Pottery Barn bed being one I would want to stick with for a long time. But I would really intend to keep any of these beds for a long time. I have never owned a bed of my own; I have always had just a standard metal bedframe or a futon, or a mattress on the floor.

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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I have no advice, never having bought a bed myself either, but of these three options, my favorite is the first one, so for me it would be an easy choice once price was factored in as well. Did the people at Pottery Barn know whether or when they would be getting those beds into their showroom? Would they possibly be at a different Pottery Barn location?

No, unfortunately the issue is that they're older items that are now internet-only because they're phasing them out. So they do not have them available in the showroom and are not expecting to get them. They assured me that they were very nice, but they don't have them there to look at!

I think the first one is my bed. I don't remember the manufacturer, but I keep looking over between the picture and my bed, and it looks identical. As you say, it's sturdy, and I have no complaints.


Oooh, I can't keep getting past the thought that a sturdy metal bed frame for the price of the first one is definitely worth it!

Design wise, the second one would be my favorite if there were a footboard, but I feel like without a footboard it takes more work to make the bottom of your bed look nice. Bedskirt, a long enough comforter, etc. Which may not be an issue for you! But something to keep in mind?

I think overall, I'd vote for #1!

I actually have a very pretty old-style folding butler table at the foot of my bed right now, and a bedskirt, so I'm not too worried about the foot of the bed. Oddly enough, gildedage argued for the headboard only because she doesn't like the way bedding looks with a footboard.

I think that's part of the issue I'm having, is that the first one seems like such a bargain, and seeing it in person means I know the quality is nice, but the other two are definitely more my personal aesthetic.

I love that headboard! I'm looking at beds too but mostly Ikea as I am poor. >_>

Ikea has some nice beds! I used to have an Ikea bed. It was awesome and looked like something from a haunted infirmary.

This is it.

I bought a Wesley Allen iron bed (the Hillsboro style in a lovely shade of turquoise) online in 2008 and it has held up wonderfully across several cross country moves, etc. The price was reasonable and I think shipping was free. Anyway they have a billion options in a billion colors so I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Oooh, I was looking at Wesley Allen beds earlier tonight. They were very pretty!!! Thank you!

Edited at 2012-03-04 05:47 am (UTC)

oh MAN Tea, I LOVE that second bed. It looks kind of like an old fashioned clock face to me and it slays me. *___*

You are the third person to say that it looks like a clock! My bedroom is definitely verging on steampunky already so I think this could work.

Meanwhile my living room looks like a children's cartoon show with giant stuffed animals and hundreds of Pez dispensers.

I have to be honest that I'm totally biased because I hate footboards personally*, at least ones that come up past the mattress, but the one with the headboard is super cute. Plus if you decide you want to hang things from your headboard (Mine's full of scarves and looks awesome XD) you have pleeenty of room to do that in.

*I'm 6'. Having my feet crammed up against them because I want to sprawl out is less than awesome.

Oh, that's a really good point and one I'd not considered. I'm 5'6", though, so of course hitting the footboard isn't really that much of an issue over here.

My bed is very much like the first one and I love it. Also I agree the second one looks like a clock!

Yeah, I wasn't thinking clock when I saw it, but a lot of people are seeing that!

I guess I like the headboard best. If not that one, then the third one. What a shame you can't see them in person. Is there any kind of guarantee if it breaks or isn't sturdy enough?

Was just going to also chime in about the mattress; if you haven't got a great mattress and can afford to get a new one, buy a really good quality one because it'll be way worth it.

Oh, I have an amazing mattress. The first thing I bought when I went back to work in 2006 after an almost three year hiatus was a really good mattress. It's a Simmons Beautyrest with a layer of memory foam between the mattress and the pillow top and it is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

It's Pottery Barn, so yes, they have very good warranty protection, and then I have an American Express card that has extra warranty protection. My parents and I all already have Pottery Barn furniture all over the place, so I'm not worried too much about the quality. It was really more a question of getting to see it up close and know that it looks the way I imagine from the catalog. Sometimes things are a slightly different color, for example.

Regardless of price, I really do prefer the first bed.

(Deleted comment)
Yay Pinterest!

My key to avoiding hospital corners is to not use sheets!

The middle one! That headboard is lush :D

It is pretty sweet!

I'm pretty set right now on going with one of the PB ones. Partly because I know I'm more likely to suffer buyer's remorse on the first one, because I'll feel like I'm not getting something as quirky as I could have. I just have to decide which.

I think. with the description of your bedroom, I'd go with the white crystal-knobbed one. I suspect it would be lovely and unique there.

I spoke to my mom today, and she says she actually looked at the crystal-knobbed one a while back and really liked it! and I went to another Pottery Barn today, and the salesperson said that they used to have that bed in the store, and he really liked it, too. So that seems like a good sign.

...I too have become recently obsessed with beds. I do not need a new bed as we're renting a small flat and it already comes with a bed but there's an awesome furniture shop down the road I walk past pretty much every day with the most fantastic and ridiculous beds in it. The other day it had one in the shape of a massive shell, like the picture of aphrodite, and it was gaudy and shiny and so awfully tasteless that it was absolutely the most amazing thing ever and I wanted it. I want to sleep in a giant shell.

The forest canopy bed on your pinterest site looks so fantastic I am sad I cannot have it.

Good luck with it, i'm sure you'll find something awesome! I think the crystal knobbed one is very pretty, you will have to post pics when you choose one of how it all fits in :) Sorry, this hasn't been a very helpful comment...

Oh, man, I love ridiculous baroque and gaudy furniture, too, so I feel you there with the shell.


*cough* okay, may have gotten stuck on those points

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