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The adventures of Home Furnishing!
cap, captain miss america


I bought this one:

It was the most expensive, but in the end, I decided that I am going to have a bed for a billionty years, so I should go with the one I really really liked the most. I loved the steampunky-looking headboard as well, but I kind of wanted a real full whole bed with all the bed parts, because I’ve never had one of those. When I was a kid, I had a headboard, followed by a day bed.

I also went to the Pottery Barn store again and talked to a sales rep about the bed. He told me that they used to have it on the floor and he quite liked it, and he actually answered the questions I had that were concerns. Then I was talking to my mom, and she said that she’d seen that bed when she was in the store and it was really nice. Plus, and this is part of the reason I was keen on the Pottery Barn beds, my parents have two PB beds, one in their apartment and one in their house, and they love them. So I was convinced.

I also bought a few small things for my apartment!

This chair, in the color shown:

I like sunny things and this will go great in my living room, with all the crazy colors that are there.

This table, in the color shown:

This is also for the living room, to keep by the sofa for setting things on.

And finally, this rug, in a runner size, for my hall:

I wanted to buy more, but I decided that I need to let my bank account recover before I purchase any more home furnishings.

I’m pretty excited! I’m having [info]samalander come over the weekend after next, and I’ll have at least a bed by the time she comes! I’m hoping to get my chair too because I’m having some people over while she’s here and sitting spots are a good thing to have, because otherwise people will have to be on my floor. Right now, I have between five and seven people definitely attending which may seem small to some of you but it is the most people I have had to my apartment since 2008. The rug and table can wait.

I went to a Tiki Drinks class at Amor Y Amargo last night, and that was pretty excellent! There was a LOT of booze but also excellent food and a very fun group.

[info]justatailor just texted me because she found THIS EVENT tonight. AND NOW WE ARE GOING.

CHICKENS. I GET TO SEE A LECTURE ENTITLED “IN PRAISE OF CHICKENS.” Oh my god, so awesome. I do love them. If you are in New York and free this evening, it is at 6 o’clock in Midtown and FREE. Free to learn about the chickens!

Also, I am really excited, I didn’t even know this place existed before just now. I mean, obviously I did on a certain level, because the New York Flower Show is famous, but I didn’t realize that they had a location or exhibits or anything like that, and those of you who read my blog posts frequently know that this is a topic of great interest to me. I sort of want to become a member. I’m wondering if I should get a family membership ($100) and share it with my parents. That comes with a subscription to an organic gardening magazine which I am sure they would enjoy.


I think that is all for now! There are some other things I want to tell you all about, but I will save that for another post.

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If Tragoonum McCoighty works (spelling is clearly not the point here)...


It's Triguna Mekoides and Trecorum Satis Dee! (I am very pleased with the fact that I remember that now)


Ehh.. I was close it's been a few years and my music collection is at home

I'll bring the barbecue sauce- I mean....

Well, I have to use that spell surprisingly often.

Love the bed! And that chair is so pretty.

Yeah, I have been looking at slipper-style chairs for a while, this one was reasonably priced compared to the others and I felt like I would rather buy an inexpensive but cute chair right now.

I am super excited about the bed!!!

Oooh I love that chair. Did it come from Pottery Barn too?

No, I got it from http://homedecorators.com/, which is a mostly-discount-furniture site owned by Home Depot.

Oh god that site is going to be the death of me.

I'm stuck in this strange conundrum right now where I know I'm going to be moving in 4-5 months and I know I'm going to be dirt poor for the next five years so do I buy things now while I still have an income so I can enjoy a nicely furnished apartment while I'm a poor grad student or should I be more focused on how the hell I'm going to move this crap across the country...

I know, I have been spending way too much time on it.

Suggestion: Put aside some money before you move that you are budgeting to buy new furniture. Do the move, and then buy what you need once you know what your space is going to be like. It sucks when you have to get rid of furniture you really like because it doesn't fit in a new space.

Oooh. You know, that's a very reasonable and sane suggestion, thank you! Really you'd think I'd think of these things but I'm just so terrible with the impulse buys. The big issue is that I keep thinking things like "oh, if I buy a platform bed, I don't need to move my box spring" or "oh, those chairs are so much smaller and cuter than the big armchairs I have so I could leave them behind." But leaving that crap behind AND saving money to refurnish when I know what my apartment looks like really is the best solution.

Even if I really want that chair. ;)

Yeah, leave the stuff you don't want to move, pick out the stuff you want, and then buy new once you're settled. You can get obsessed with Pinterest like I am and pin all the stuff you might want to buy later!!!

And I've seen a ton of cute slipper chairs, so I am sure you can find an awesome one after you move :-D There are some really cute ones at Pier 1 right now that are only a little more than the one I bought.

Yay bed! I've actually never had a full bed either.... I've never had a head board. My biggest want for myself right now is a bed since I sleep on a mattress on the floor. One day maybe!

I spent a while on a mattress on the floor, so I completely sympathize!!!

A tiki drinks class- that sounds too awesome for words.

It was pretty awesome! This bar does classes very frequently on Tuesday nights from 7 to 9 pm. I don't know if that's too late for you to be in Manhattan on a weeknight but if you're up for it, you should check out the schedule.

If I plan ahead, I might be able to do it. Can you send me the bar info? The link in your post is showing up as unavailable.

I'm actually looking for a fun spot to meet a friend in the city next week :)

I must say that I love your taste in furniture.

Thank you! I like my taste, too!!!! And now I have a Pinterest to show it off.

I loooooove that table. Probably because that's among my favorite colors.

Also thanks again for coming to the chicken lecture because it was awesome!

I know! We should go to more chicken lectures!

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