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The Most Important Meal of the Day
cap, captain miss america
I am thinking about morning routines this morning!

Poll #1824995 The Most Important Meal of the Day

What time of day do you typically wake up?

12 am to 3 am
3 am to 5 am
6 am
7 am
8 am
9 am
10 am
11 am to 12 pm
12 pm to 2 pm
2 pm to 4 pm
4 pm pm to 6 pm
6 pm to 9 pm
9 pm to 12 am
My sleep schedule is such that this question does not apply.

I wake up this long before I start my work or other daily responsibilities

Fifteen minutes or less
Fifteen to thirty minutes
Thirty to forty-five minutes
Forty-five minutes to an hour
An hour to an hour and a half
An hour and a half to two hours
More than two hours
It varies from day to day
I am not currently responsible for anything that requires me to be up at a certain time.
I keep a sleep schedule that makes this question inapplicable
Something else

Do you have time for a snooze button scheduled into your wake-up routine?

Yes, for one snooze
Yes, for two snoozes
Yes, for three or more snoozes
No, but I hit it on a regular basis anyway
No, and I rarely/never use it
No, and I set an alarm but don't have a required wake-up time
I don't set an alarm

The following items are part of my daily morning (not evening) routine:

Hitting the snooze button
Showering or bathing
Washing my face
Washing my hair
Conditioning my hair
Styling my hair with hair products
Styling my hair with heat
Styling my hair with a comb or brush
Washing my face
Moisturizing my face
Moisturizing other parts of my skin
Exfoliating my face
Exfoliating other parts of my skin
Shaving my face
Removing hair from my face in other ways
Shaving other parts of my body
Removing hair from other parts of my body in other ways
Applying acne or other topical medications
Taking medications that are orally ingested
Applying makeup
Using perfume, cologne, or other scents
Using lipgloss or chap stick
Taking vitamins
Brushing my teeth
Flossing my teeth
Using mouthwash
Otherwise cleaning my teeth
Drinking water
Drinking coffee
Drinking another beverage
Making breakfast
Eating breakfast
Making my bed
Caring for a pet
Other housekeeping chores
Helping another adult/adults with their morning routine
Helping a child/children with their morning routine
Drinking coffee
Checking the weather
Checking my email
Checking the news (online, television, print or radio)
Using the internet, television or reading purely for entertainment
Something else

What other activity is part of your morning routine?

Breakfast, do you eat it:

I do not regularly eat breakfast
I don't regularly eat breakfast,but I regularly drink a hot beverage.
I don't regularly eat breakfast,but I regularly drink a cold beverage.
I eat a grab-and-go breakfast like a protein bar or piece of fruit
I eat a breakfast that requires slight preparation, like toast, cereal, or a microwaveable meal
I eat a breakfast that requires moderate preparation, like oatmeal or an egg
I eat a full, cooked breakfast at home
I pick up to-go breakfast at a bakery, deli or fast food restaurant
I eat a sit-down breakfast at a restaurant or in a cafeteria
Something else

I eat breakfast:

Standing up.
Sitting down.
I do not regularly eat breakfast
Something else

If you don't eat breakfast, why don't you?

If you do eat breakfast, why do you?

What is your favorite breakfast food?

For things that don't fit:
I have three alarms - the first goes off at 6:15, the second at 6:30, the third at 7. I'm usually out of bed around 7:15.
I wish my face with acne medicine in the shower. So that fits between some of your boxes.
I eat breakfast if I'm hungry, I don't if I'm not, but I drink something because I have to take medication.

That is a lot of alarms!

I have one alarm, I usually hit snooze once, and then I get up. I also play a fun psychological trick where I set my alarm clock 15 minutes fast. I KNOW it's fifteen minutes fast, but it still helps me keep my morning on track.

I noticed I put washing face and drinking coffee on my poll twice. Ooops!!!

I put "Breakfast that requires slight preparation" although generally I eat porridge (which from what I can figure is basically the same as oatmeal?). But I cheat and make it in the microwave so it's super easy to do.

Also my wake-up time varies massively depending on what I'm doing. I get up when I need to, depending on my plans for the day. If I'm left absolutely to my own devices, without an alarm, I'll go to bed around 2am and get up at 10, but then, if I have work to go to, or somewhere to be, or things to do I'll get up accordingly. Many weekends, for example I'm up at 7am to go out with cadets, but I'll compensate by being in bed before midnight.

Oh! Also! I thought of another part of my morning routine: applying sunscreen! I wear factor 40 on a daily basis. I'll go and add that in!! :D

Oatmeal is technically the meal being used to make it, but yeah, it's a porridge made from cut, crushed, or rolled oats. As far as I know it's widely available over there; I know I've had it in the UK and it's a very popular traditional dish in Scotland!

I eat my oatmeal made with milk and I crack an egg in it, and then microwave it all together. It's so delicious.

Edited at 2012-03-08 04:13 pm (UTC)

I don't understand people who can function all morning without having eaten breakfast. I am such a mess if I don't get a chance to have breakfast. Breakfast is very important to me!

And I get sick if I eat in the first hour or so after waking up! So sometimes I will have a small snack at work, but I usually don't eat until lunch!

I used to get nauseated in the morning if I ate, but in just the last two years or so I've found I need it to get through those early mornings. (If I wake up at 9 or later I can usually make it to lunch but on the days my alarm goes off at 7:31 ((I never set my alarm for a time that ends in 5 or 0)), I NEED a baggie of mini wheats or a granola bar.)

Also I don't wash my hair EVERY day-- probably four or five times a week. Also sometimes I switch between night and morning showers-- I start out a week with morning showers but after a really good workout sometimes I need a shower before I go to bed or it's disgusting to think about the sheets on my body (I sleep really well when I'm freshly clean too) and then I'm on an evening schedule until I have a half-wash again. I'm the only person I know who is like this!

I work Monday through Friday, 8-5pm. I get up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 4:30am (ish) to go to the gym for an hour or so. I give myself Tuesdays and Friday but only let myself sleep an extra hour and then I'll usually fiddle around on the internet or watch a TV show.

As far as breakfast, my mom makes me smoothies. I do Weight Watchers, so I've been watching what I eat. Plus, I'm making a conscious effort to eat heathily. :) I look smoothies because I can mix it up as far as what fruit/flavor I (well, my mom) make it and I can take it with me on the go. I usually drink mine on the way to work. :)

(Deleted comment)
It's okay - we can be weird together. I brush my teeth and run a hand through my hair on the way out the door. <3

My morning routine varies depending on school day vs. non-school day, but usually I don't get in a shower or grooming until late morning regardless. But I always manage breakfast. With tea!

I don't need an alarm b/c the kids wake me up.

Edited at 2012-03-08 05:36 pm (UTC)

Since giving birth I've not really had much of a morning routine. I do personal grooming when I have the time to spare (or someone around to take the baby for a bit. I said I wake at 6, but it's more generally sometime between 5:30 and 7:30 and instead of an alarm, I have a baby.

I have, on occasion, stopped at the gas station for a hot tea and donut; or gone through the McDonald's drive-thru for a biscuit and two large, unsweet teas (I LOVE MY TEA, DAMNIT). Also, on occasion, someone brings cake or donuts to work.

Otherwise, my first meal of the day is lunch, whenever I get around to it.

And, yes, I was aiming for smart-ass with that "other" response. But it's true. :p

The baby kind of complicates things. My morning more or less follows this routine:

-Baby cries
-I go to the bathroom because I'll be glued to the baby for the next half hour and using the toilet while holding a baby is difficult, to say the least
-Fetch baby from Pack-n-Play, change diaper, feed baby
-Is it before or after 6:30am?
-If before, try to get baby back to sleep so I can sleep another hour or so until my husband goes to work
-If after, put baby in swing, get dressed, get makeup on, and make/eat breakfast while screwing around on the internet and/or watching Doctor Who on Netflix

I aim to be up at 11:30, but I check the time when I go to bed and will set the alarm as late as noon if I think I'll need the sleep or as early as 10:30 if I think I can get up then without falling asleep at work. (Unless I'm working the earlier shift, in which case I have to be at work at 11, therefore up no later than 8:45 to make it on time. But we're person-down at work, so right now there is no earlier shift.) I guess that's equivalent to a snooze? But there is no snooze involved; the alarm clock is on the other side of the room and set to go off in ten minute increments starting fifteen minutes before I intend to be up. (It lasts for two minutes, then there's a pause before it goes off again, so that I won't get used to the sound. Four alarms, I usually wake in one or two but I've sometimes slept through all four after a bad night. I want one of those fancy five-alarm ones, but I'm usually okay with multiple devices, so I keep telling myself it's a waste of money.) Once I'm out of bed I head for the shower and run water on my face to wake myself up.

Shower, wash hair, check laundry (usually the dryer needs another quarter-cycle to get towels, jeans, or the collar of my uniform), make breakfast and do dishes, brush and braid hair while waiting for breakfast to cool, eat breakfast while checking LJ, take meds (oral allergy and headache meds, nasal spray, inhaler; I have a topical allergy cream but my skin allergies really aren't bad at all, I usually only have to use it in the morning once a month), rinse mouth out (required with my inhaler), sometimes get some diet soda to take the taste away (our tap water is awful but it tests just fine and I'm not allowed to swallow it so using bottled feels wasteful to me), make lunch, check laundry again (it's usually done this time), get dressed and brush teeth (after underclothing, prior to uniform). Once a week I have to go get allergy shots; other days I get online or do household chores until time to leave for work (ten minutes before 3PM).

On the days when I set an alarm, I tend to set my alarm to play a song (I used to do this with a CD clock radio; now I use my iPhone), and I try to get out of bed at the end of the song, if not before.

A lot of my morning routine is pretty new to me. I've been slowly adding things to it by piggybacking on things that were already there.

You missed out between 5am and 6am, which is where I fit. I picked the closest one to it.

I actually have three alarms - the first one is to get me up and in the shower, then after I'm clean and moisturised and have dry hair again, I have another five minutes in bed (or however long I can manage) before I get up for the rest of it. That second alarm goes off at 6.42 - and my 'snooze' is actually a second alarm which is set for two minutes later. I never go back to sleep, but I sometimes get a snooze or a kitty cuddle or can check twitter on my phone.

Of course, all alarms are redundant when you have a hungry cat to let out.

Breakfast is muesli, wheatgrass in water, supplements/vitamins, and green tea. I always eat something different at the weekends, though. It's funny, thinking about it, because I do everything in the same order every morning, down to switching on the kettle as I pass it on my way to feed the cat, and collecting my lunch stuff on the way back to the kitchen. I can't even think about eating my muesli until the milk is back in the fridge. Tell you what I never do in the morning, though - wash up my dishes. I rinse them, but washing up is strictly an evening job.

I know I should eat breakfast, and I know it improves my energy levels if I do -- I just really really hate leaving the cosy warmth of my room before I actually have to! By the time I'm dressed and made up, it's time to run out the door to work, and I can never bring myself to get up those extra 15 minutes earlier to make time for food.

I always have a bottle of water beside my bed, so I drink water pretty much on waking up and then constantly while I'm doing my morning routine. Food I can do without, but hydration is essential!

My hot beverage is never coffee and always tea!! Because Tea is awesome. <3

I wake up early regardless of whether or not I work. I find it very difficult to actually sleep past eight AM.

oh, and in case you are interested - when I work I get up and get ready, have my tea while perusing the interwebz and then go to work. On days off I usually set up outside on our balcony and study or read, tea in hand. it is a good way to start the morning!