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cap, captain miss america

I don’t remember the last time I had a hole in a shoe!!!

Darnit, this is so sad. These are my favorite shoes.

Which might be why they have a hole in them. I think I got them in October, and usually I’d expect my shoes to last at least a year, but I never took out my boots this year, so these poor little things have faced the brunt of housing my feet.

POOR SHOES. At least I’m going to Delaware weekend after next, I will have to see about getting new ones. And I guess I might be wearing heels for the next week?

I guess I have to put them in a shoebox and bury them or something.

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I have a whole story about the holes in my shoes ;D I think it's a good sign that you're getting your money's worth!

And now you have to go shoe shopping? Gee. What a shame...

I want to hear about the holes in your shoes!

Seriously, the last time I remember having holes in shoes was in high school, I had this pair of Chucks that I'd drawn all over, and I didn't want to accept that they had reached the end of their days.

Shoe shopping is like a trap for me. I always go in planning to buy one specific thing and leave with three or something else I did not need.

Hmm, now I feel embarrassed because it's not that exciting a story. Basically my shoes are so worn that all that's left of the sole is... no sole, just the innersole O_o But I don't have any other shoes right now, so I'm just hoping that nobody sees the soles of my shoes when I sit on the floor! And also hoping it doesn't rain XD

Since I can't afford a shoe shopping trip right now, I'll settle for a picture of your new shoes when you get them!

Aw! Umm, what size foot are you? I have a bunch of shoes I'm getting rid of that are a little worn but definitely better than walking around on innersoles. They're mostly 8-8 1/2. If those would fit you, I can send you a couple of pairs.

Oh, you're such a sweetie (with perfectly sized feet), but I'm far away in Neverland and postage would be a bitch :D I will be visiting my sister next weekend and I think I should be able to wheedle some shoes from her... she has good taste and a healthy income, which is lucky for both of us!!

It's still hot and dry here, so I'm not getting cold wet feet or anything.

Oh, right! I always forget you're in AU. And good, sisters are meant for that kind of thing! Sadly, I only have a brother who stole a lot of my concert tee shirts. :-(

This is the problem when you're the cool sibling (so I've heard!)

Aw, sad! You can't get them resoled?

I'm not sure! I'm sure I could, but they have really odd soles with soft leather in parts of them (which is part of why they're falling apart), and the uppers are starting to go, too, so I'm not sure it's worth salvaging them. I have another pair of black flats that I don't like quite as much, so I am wearing those for now and I will figure it out!

Stop by and visit little ol' me in Delaware. Hehe. :)

I didn't know you were in Delaware? Where in Delaware?

Probably not this time, since we have Family Events, but I am down there several times a year!

In Middletown, but I work in Newark -- close to the Christiana Mall! Yes, you'll have to let me know whenever you visit. We can get together and go tax-free shopping or something. ^_^

Aw, you are on the other side of the state!

My family is in Lewes, near Rehoboth, so that is where I will be!

I know. Wasn't it weird not to wear boots this winter? And sad about the shoes! Saying goodbye to a favorite pair is a sad thing!

It was very weird!

I go to a really inexpensive shoe store in Delaware, so I will just have to find new ones. I don't think I'm going to replace these with the same ones, though, the soles were kind of weird and though very comfy, I think that's part of why they keep breaking.


I admit I'm envious of the expectation that a pair will last a year, though my shoes seem to be wearing more evenly now that I have my orthopedic insoles redistributing my weight.

Oh no! Yeah, I tend to get about a year out of any shoes I wear close-to-daily. But I have some shoes I've had for much longer than that, because I don't wear them as often. And my Merrell Mary Janes lasted a good three years-- and were still fine albeit a bit too dingy for me to wear to work.

before I got a new pair last week, my old keds kept leaking every time it rained. they were pretty hole-y.

Oh my gosh Tea, you are the adorablest.

Time for a shoeulegy? XD

Alas, we hardly shoe ye.


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