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Watch me talk about fanfiction!
cap, captain miss america

Hi, everyone!

As some of you may know, Hansi Oppenheimer is creating a documentary about fanfiction, and largely looking at the benefits of creative fandom– which is something that is definitely needed. She interviewed me a couple of weeks ago, and here’s a clip from that interview which I am very excited to share with all of you.

If any of you are in the NYC area or close to New York and would like to be part of this, or know someone who might, or if you would like to know more, please contact Hansi by email. She was a pleasure to work with and I’m excited to be part of this project!!!

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I'm so excited for you! Alas, I'm too far down South to take part in this or I totally would. Would I mind if I told people in another forum (not on LJ but it's another fanfic forum for stuff besides HP) about this? I think I might some folks in the area but they aren't on LJ.

Please do pass it on!!! Hansi is looking for other fanfic writers, especially people in other fandoms. I believe she's especially looking for SPN people.

I've known you for how long and that's the first time I've heard you talk! XDDD

you sound just like how i thought you would. <3

Oh my goodness! I've posted videos before...hmmm.

But hee. I think I sound much younger than I am. I can't decide if that is bad or good.

Your clip reminded me of my son. His school says he has Aspergers. He KNOWS grammar rules but rarely saw the use in applying them until he started writing fan fiction. People read his stories and liked them except they told him he needed to work on his grammar, capitalization, etc.

And this time he listened! I went to his IEP meeting on Monday and the collaborative teacher said, "I truly believe his experiences with fanfiction is what is helping him improve in English class."

So I will always be a fan of fan fiction. It truly is helping my son (who is almost 11 years old.)

I really think that just loving the subject matter can go so far to helping kids become engaged with any kind of learning. It's no surprise kids have trouble or struggle in subjects that they understand in theory if the content being taught just doesn't inspire them.

That is great to hear. I know he has had trouble and it's wonderful that he has a teacher who accepts fanfiction as a valuable experience.

This is so awesome, Tea. Congratulations on being involved with this. This really is very cool!

Thanks! I am really excited about it. Hansi is great.

Ahhh you are so clever and well-spoken. I wanna see this movie!

Awww thanks! I think a lot about nerd things, really.

Ohh! Tea Talking! :D :D
Although this just made me realise that if I don't know what someone on the internet sounds like, in my head when I read them, they sound British -- specifically, like they're from Worcestershire. That's both weird and kind of bad ^^

Also this project looks awesome -- I can't wait to see the finished outcome!

That's so funny! I don't actually think I ever imagine people's voices. But I do imagine what people look like. A lot more people tend to turn out to be white than I expect!

You so totally ROCK, Squirt. :D

*feels oddly giddy that I now have a voice to go with your face. :D*

Thanks!!! And heeeeeee. I am having a lot of fun.

That's so great! I'll be very interested in the finished product. And YAY, Talking Tea!!

Yes, I think the finished product will be excellent.

Would you like to be in it? Hansi may come film at Hunger Games!!!

Omg love the story! I want to see the whoooole interview!

Did you get a chance to talk to Hansi more? We need to get you involved! Also she's coming to film at Hunger Games on Thursday.

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