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In which I have an awesome weekend, full of pictures!!!
cap, captain miss america

This past weekend, [info]_samalander came to visit for the first time.

The visit began with a conversation the night before. We exchanged phone numbers. I said “In case there are a lot of big-haired ladies, I will be wearing a pink raincoat with a Mockingjay pin. Also I have a halo and am followed everywhere by a heavenly choir.” I think that helps people pick me out in a crowd.

Anyway, we found each other okay, if a little belatedly, at the bus station, and went back to my apartment in Queens. I had planned a little get-together than night, and had a bunch of friends coming by.

I have a very bad track record with parties. In elementary school, I was not only the bottom of the social ladder, but my birthday was in the summer, so I think I had a few parties where I actually had guest attendance in the negatives. I don’t know what that means, maybe that I had to go to their houses or something? I don’t know. When I turned 21, 20 people RSVPed yes to my party. Five people showed up. My parents had spent a ton of money on food and drinks, and I ended up calling my brother’s friends to round out the party. I kind of felt horrible about the whole thing. Anyway, I have a little bit of a complex about parties. So, I was sort of shocked when this one was extremely well-attended, and I assume that is because everyone heard Lauren was going to be there.

Anyway, it was a freaking awesome time. I made some awesome foods, including friend wontons full of PBJ as well as friend wontons full of nutella and bitter orange, and those were kind of the star of the party, even though I think the edamame spread I made was the best thing there. I made lots of drinks, and let my friends attempt to make me drinks, which ended in hilarity. There were also a whole bunch of H_E people there, which was kind of awesome: all four houses represented!!!


Anyway, party was a blast. The next morning we slept in pretty late (we being me, Lauren, and Jess), and then we went downtown to Jim Hanley’s Universe, and then to The Strand, where Lauren acquired a copy of Diary of My Secret Life, Volumes I-VI. This was quite exciting. When a clerk asked if she needed help, Lauren turned around, and said, “No, thank you, I’ve already found the best book.”


We also went to the costume shop, where we found Dobby:

And shoes for [info]pikacharma

And a Clawbot:

Then we headed back uptown and dropped into Dutch Kills, a bar in Queens, for a drink, before making our way out to Flushing for Korean food, and bubble tea.

Then we went home and ate the ice cream sandwiches that Jess had given us when we had gotten in on Friday:

After we ice cream sandwiched, I taught Jess and Lauren how to make a sazerac, and then we did dramatic readings from the aforementioned “best book,” and finally went to bed.

The next day, we got up and went down to Katz’s Deli for lunch

And then, walking around, we found a place that had a sign about hibernating Puffs:

Oh, yeah, and Jess bought an amazing purple hat.

And we got some cream puffs at the Hibernating Puffs place:

Lauren did some science:

And then we went to the giant Toys R Us in Times Square, because it is apparently tradition for visiting H_E members.

Jess played DDR:

Lauren was Iron Man instead of Batman for like ten seconds:

and communed with Her People:

And I’m not sure what she did to the Candyland King

Or to me, for that matter:

Then it was time to send the Lauren home, and Jess came back to Queens with me for a little while before she departed as well.

So, all in all, pretty awesome time.

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Yay party guests! Nothing worse than trying to plan something and everyone bails :(

What exactly are these friend wontons? Because the only wontons I know of are the savoury kind so I am curious.

Also, what did Lauren get a copy of?? I am all agog and your html took over the world at that point!

I think Tea is probs on the train home, so I will tell you: It was the first six volumes of a Pornographic Victorian Autobiography. Totes NSFW, but hilarious.

!!! aaahh my goodness that is amazing XD

Formatting fail, my dear.

I am so sorry, I have to manually reformat for lj and my blog decided to overwrite my reformat after I left work!

Man, one html formatting mistake and they really give you both barrels, don't they? ;)

DAMMIT, JEALOUS. So jealous. Epic lulz @ Iron Man, and...OMG those shoes. If I could even REMOTELY balance in heels, I would probably wear those every day.

They are the best Pika shoes ever.

There was a lot of talk about how awesome it was when you visited.

Where's the LJ "LIKE" button for this??

Those shoes are obviously for wearing when you are being carried around in your litter by Squib servants.

I believe what I did to the candy king was put my arm around hium and ask how he was DOIN


Also I want everything in these pictures. XD

I like to think that I am everyone else's people, and they find me!!!

Those pictures have some good stuff.

your party was hella awesome BUT that drink you made me with the mezcal & homemade maple syrup is probably what I want to drink right before I die it was so good.

Aw, man, thank you! I am so glad you liked it. That was a pretty sweet drink.

YES! I AM FOR MORE PARTIES WITH AWESOME PEOPLE! :D I am also always appropriately dressed for photo time. lol!

OMG I WANT THOSE SHOES AND JESS' HAT! =O That hat is the shit. And I don't even LIKE purple...

That hat makes the entire universe better!


LOL - which is probably for the best because unlike yourself, I look horrible in hats. =/

I feel sorry for all the people who have not experienced the awesomeness that is a Tea party.

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