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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
tea has a question for any of those of you who feel up to answering it.

let's imagine a world where there is a nuclear holocaust that pretty much wipes out civilization as we know it.

now, a few people who do not have knowledge of technology survive. say, kids or something.

sound good.

fast forward one thousand years or so. assume that the people now populating the earth had found remnants of machinery, etc., from the "old world."

assuming that they don't have any great technology to build things, no plastics, etc, what everyday items from the modern world would be duplicable?

what social mechanisms would you expect to have carried over intact?

thanks for your reply.

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Well, probably some books or some sort of record of technological... stuff, would be found, so probably they would have been able to recreate alot of the old stuff. Just not the more technologically advanced stuff, like planes or anything like that. Although 1000 years can be a long time. It would probably be about as advanced as our society, but a bit different. I can't really think of it.

As for social mechanisms, I think it would be the same thing. I would expect it to mirror the environment: if it's as sheltered as we are today in the west, then probably alot alike the west, with like... manners, and stuff. But, if it's more raw and dog-eat-dog, then probably people would drop that stuff and live more simply and straightforwardly.

I would expect the basic, 'important' things like marriage and dating and pets and nuclear family to remain, things that are imprinted into a childs brain very early on as being important and normal.

Personally, I think everything would be more basic, more natrual. All of their machinery would be as much natrual stuff as possible with just a little metal to actually make it machinery. I imagine that all the metal would be just remnants that were poking up out of the ground or that were stumbled upon when digging, so it would be pretty random.
Kitchen stuff would be easy, rocks and whatnot, as well as found objects. I could see transport being more bikes and such, as they're decently basic and would eventually be figured out anyway.
I think there would still be people who thought they were above everyone else, trying to be kings of the world. But there would be tight-knit families and such, although I imagine it would be like selective breeding, matching the best traits with the best traits.

"social mechanisms"

Religion, humans seem to crave it. Since Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, etc, etc would disappear I think their new Gods and religion would be more alike the old nordic/roman/greek myths. Since you don't have knowledge to answer anything then Gods come in handy. ('Why does it rain'? = God, 'What's thunder?'= God.. etc, etc.)

Re: "social mechanisms"

oh, yes, that i'm working on. the gods are the people who survived the nuclear holocaust. there is a king god, a queen god, and seven child-gods who are depicted wearing strange clothing (modern clothing). there is also a goddess of death who is a little blonde hoochie.


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