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Online Writing Groupy Thing?
cap, captain miss america
So, I have said this to a few of you privately (serpentpixie, joeymichaels, I am looking at you), and not gotten around to doing it. But I need more impetus to push myself to work on my prose writing-- and specifically to work on the projects that I already have going.

I'm not 100% sure how to structure it, but how many of you would be interested in a writing-oriented group that would be mainly focused on offering support and helping each other to meet word count/productivity goals? There might be some concrit involved, but not necessary.

Let me know.

Impetus? You 'n me both, sister. :^)

I'd appreciate it if you'd keep me in the loop.


Will do!!

I feel like prompt-based challenges, while they get me writing, keep me from working on the writing I *should* be working on, which isn't good, either.

I'd be interested, because even Write or Die doesn't get me going these days.

Ok! I will put you on the list.

(Deleted comment)
Definitely more the latter. I would want to ask that people offer a certain amount of concrit before asking for concrit, to make it fair, but no prompts. Just a place for people to post "this is my goal for the week" and then post again when they reach it. So if your goal for the week is to give out two pieces of crit, that would be cool, too.

I'd really be interested in something where you could post longer things, like novels and larger stories, and maybe get concrit. I remember showing you that writing group thing in New York. I would dearly love something cool like that, where you feel like you're a part of a group and encourage each other. ^^

getyourwordsout has been really good for helping me keep track of words and word count. >_< I never used to before.

More writing comms on the FL! More!

Yeah, that's more what I'm talking about. Something casual for encouragement, not something structured that required specific types of participation.

I'd also go for it! Idol was good for new writing, but right now, I want to choose a piece to focus on and polish.

I'm cautiously interested, but I don't have current writing and usually do best with prompts, so I would probably not be very participatory.

Are you doing Jen's group? If you aren't, that might be a good place for you, as she has prompts.

I would like this! Most of my wordcount generation right now needs to be in academic words; would this be a community where I could just post "I need to write 500 words on Project X" as a way to hold myself accountable?

In any case, I like reading others' writing and occasionally work on my own fiction, so even if that doesn't fit in with your ideas for the community, I'd still be interested.

That is EXACTLY what i want. Something where no one is expected to submit writing, unless you have a particularly tricky passage you want help with, or if you need to ask a question or something. It would be entirely about setting personal goals and patting each other on the back when we get there. Like a personal NaNoWriMo.

I would be interested in participating.

You know I'm interested, although more in the accountability to work on my own projects part than in the concrit part.

Yeah, which is really what I want to focus on.

I am interested because while I find it easy enough to work on the prompt challenge I am doing for fanfic, I am having a terrible time getting back into the swing of my original fiction writing, and I really want to be working on it, I do. Count me in?

Have to dash right now but count me in!

I would definitely be interested.