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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
this is one of the best damn LJ entries i've read in a while:

why is it that when i sit down and post it never comes out sounding so good? i'm not sure if i agree with everything that's said here, but it's damn fighting words and i love 'em.


and on to my posting.

i think most is right with the world these days. yes. besides my certain fears that will never quite be dropped...i fear the near future. not the ten-years-from-now future, and i don't fear sme apocalyptic end of days, i fear the ordinary things that come with day-to-day life. i fear things i should do or must do, and i fear finishing things or not being able to finish them.

but all is pretty much right.

i walk down the street and somehow get buzzing feelings every once in a while that someone from my past is near. sometimes very specific ones. maybe i'm just being reminded of them, but it's more than that. i don't run into them though. once or twice i've looked into someone's face and realized only after i let them go by that that was someone i used to know.

i didn't have this happen today, i'm just thinking.

now some work needs to be done.

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i'm not exactly sure where any of the last three entries came from. i was just bored at work with a pen and a little notepad... and they just arrived.

i wish i was smart all of the time.

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