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More video from the Fanfiction Project
cap, captain miss america

The two theater employees following me in at the end there were awesome! We chatted and took photos together and the guy was a huge Hunger Games fan; he introduced himself as “the Career Tribute from District 3″ and was teaching all his coworkers how to do the District 12 salute.

If you want to keep up to date on what’s going on with the documentary, go like Troubled Girl Films!!!

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The Career Tribute guy was awesome. Especially when he and the other worker were running down the street with their food, trying to catch you.

I didn't see them doing that! Watching the video I feel kind of bad because it was obvious they were shouting before I even heard them. I didn't mean to ignore them, I promise! I just have a hard time hearing when my back is turned.

You were going into the building when we saw them! They were probably a lot easier for us to hear out on the street.

That does not explain how I was standing two feet away and missed you having to turn down a man asking if you wanted to go out with him, though.

I love that guy chasing after you into the cinema. "Effie Trinkeeet!"

LOL omg I love the guy who was like "don't come in my theater!"

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