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Write All The Days is Open For Business!


Write All The Days is a community for people who like to write and need some extra encouragement, support, structure, or accountability to meet their writing goals.

It is for anybody and everybody who needs a little extra something to keep writing-- whether you need to write for work or a class, and want to make sure you hit your deadlines, whether you want to be a more consistent blogger, write for fun/meditation, or want to finish professional writing projects (or things you hope may become professional writing projects).

We set goals at the beginning of the week, and check in throughout the week to keep ourselves on track. At the end of the week, we recount what we've done to meet our goals that week. There are no prizes and no requirements. You don't have to share your writing unless you want to. There is no goal too small or too large, and you don't have to set a goal every week.

Please join!

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This sounds a really fun and useful idea! Well thought up! :)

Yay! Looking forward to it.

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