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LiveJournal Friends

I had a surprise visit on Monday. Well, it was sort of a surprise, as I'd known that it might potentially happen, but then I forgot about it. About 3:30 in the afternoon, emo_snal messaged me to see if he could stay at my place that night, and asking if it was whiskey night.

It was INDEED whiskey night, so I ran home after work, cleaned things up a bit, and left him a key so he could drop off his seabag before meeting up at Whiskey Monday. We had a beer and chatted and then went to do our whiskey tasting-- there were six different scotches up for tasting; my favorite was The Arran Malt finished in amarone casks, which had this delicate sort of black forest cake flavor to it that was really unique for a scotch and I loved it. Then we went back to my apartment and chatted a bit, and Kris went to catch his plane the next day, with some more-than-slight hiccups but he did make it, which is the important thing.

While we were sitting in the bar, we talked about a bunch of things. First off, having a real person to person conversation with a person who knows far more about bees than I do was so great, because I am usually the person in the room who knows the most about bees, and I am definitely a beginner. We talked about chickens, too! But one thing we talked about was LiveJournal as a delivery mechanism and form of communication and how we are both disappointed that many people have moved away. Now, I don't mean necessarily "moved to Dreamwidth" since most of those people are still crossposting here, but people who have refocused their communication in places like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

I love Twitter. Kris talked about how he didn't really like it, but I think it is great for a specific set of uses and I use it for those things. I don't think it takes the place of a space for journaling. I have never really gotten the hang of Tumblr. It frustrates me, because I want to have linear conversations with followable comment threads, and that does not seem to be the purpose of Tumblr, yet so many people are posting things that SHOULD provoke linear conversations with followable comment threads on that platform. Cool if that's their thing, I guess, but it makes me sad that it's not being posted here. I think especially with my particular flavor of dyslexia, Tumblr is almost impossible for me to parse. You try reading conversations that visually disjointed when you have visual cognition that already switches the placement of things relative to each other for you.

But anyway, I really dig LiveJournal. It's frustrating, though, when fewer and fewer people are using it. Sometimes I feel like it seems like a waste of time to write up something long and thoughtful that I can't even tell if anyone read, like when I wrote a really long post about my experiences with therapy in response to a lot of the posts I'd read on my friendslist lately. I'm not saying that in a "dammit why aren't you commenting?" or a plea for more comments way. It just seems like everyone's attention is elsewhere. But I still feel like this is the best platform I've encountered for that kind of discussion and that kind of writing. On top of that, I have met so many amazing people on LiveJournal and I don't really feel that those other platforms are as conducive to forming really strong personal bonds with people-- not the kinds that would morph into real life friendships, of which I have MANY that began on this site. Almost all of my closest friends are people I met on LiveJournal or through someone I know on LiveJournal, or on another community I discovered through LiveJournal. And then there are people like Kris, who I only see occasionally, but even after two years and relatively little communication between those years, feels like a familiar old friend. There are people I've only met once, in cities I'd never been to before and might not go to again, and still shared a connection with that I haven't really found from any of my other online interactions. So I feel like that's an important reason to keep writing here. It just...part of me feels sad that it might not continue to work like that.

But anyway, seeing emo_snal was awesome, I got free bee advice (which was also freebie advice), we talked about beer and distilling and the internet and all kinds of other things and it was quite excellent and I encourage you all to look me up if you are ever in New York, because I love to spend time with people whose words I've read.
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