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Healthy Stuff!

My weight yesterday morning was exactly ten pounds less than my weight on April 15, when I started tracking my weight/exercise/diet/etc.

I've been walking once a week with intrepia for six months now, and we're both really excited about that. Last week, we made a commitment to raise the difficulty setting on our walks by wearing wrist weights. We'll see how that goes!

I have also been trying to walk at least one other lunch hour by myself, but I don't always get around to it. Gardening season helps a lot, I do a lot of hard work in the sun.

I am not so great at exercising in other ways. Fail!

Some of the things I've done in an attempt to become healthier:
--Eat a small breakfast (usually a granola bar). This keeps me from feeling insanely hungry at lunch time, and means that I am less likely to pig out.
--No soda! I have never been a regular soda drinker, but I've cut it out almost completely, apart from drinking it out at restaurants maybe once a week or two.
--Smaller portions! I'm not trying to keep myself from eating anything I really want, but I am trying to take, say, fewer scoops of mac and cheese and keeping to the rule of thumb that a portion of any given dish should be no larger than the size of my hand.
--Beer on the weekends! Okay, this might sound wacky. But I've discovered that if I drink a beer or two in the late afternoon, I am more fully satiated and less likely to pig out at dinner.
--Vitamins! I started taking a multivitamin and some other supplements at breakfast. This is part of the push for breakfast, too, because if I take the vitamins and don't eat, I get nauseated.
--Veggies! If I stuff myself full with green vegetables then I still eat other things with important nutrients at meals, but I'm less likely to, oh, eat a whole bag of potato chips.

My weight is about a pound heavier this morning than it was yesterday, but that is normal fluctuation. It doesn't feel like I've lost a ton of weight because my weight fluctuates about three pounds from day to day over the course of a week, but the high end of the fluctuation has been getting progressively lower-- from 159 to 156 and now to about 153. Once I am consistently under 150 lbs for a full week, I have promised myself that I will buy a nice new dress and possibly some new underwear. I think that is a fair deal.

I am pretty pleased; I am feeling more like I fit into my clothes than I have in a while, which is nice. And my thighs are definitely rubbing together less. Also good. Bras still are a nightmare, but I'll deal with that. It's just that last Wednesday and Thursday, I was so, so envious of anyone who could wear a backless dress. I have never done that since I was about nine.
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