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cap, captain miss america
My Pop Petracca died this morning. He was my "fake grandpa," but since my father's father died when I was very tiny, he was my real grandfather for all intents and purposes. Pop was always incredibly kind, loving, warm, and affectionate, and one of the most easygoing people I know.

I saw him two weeks ago and we had a lovely dinner together. I'm grateful that I got to see him so recently and that it was such a nice occasion. I'm happy to have had him in my life and sad to see him go.

When I was young, Nana and Pop bought a new house on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. They built a beautiful addition on it, with a glass-ceilinged room meant for stargazing. They bought a beautiful, state of the art telescope. I remember Pop showing me stars through that telescope, beautiful and bright. At dinner two weeks ago, he offered to give us the telescope for our hayloft. It was such a kind and thoughtful offer. Of course since he's passed away, if one of his children or grandchildren want it, I would happily see it go to them, but that will be my most recent memory of him, an offer of a gift, which is a nice way to remember someone.

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I'm sorry for your loss, but I am glad that you have one last lovely memory of him.

I'm so sorry, Tea. Lots of love and thoughts of your happy family times together. ♥

I am very sorry for your loss. ♥

I'm so sorry for your loss. :-(

I'm so sorry. :< *hughug*

I am so sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man.

I'm so sorry.

Please give my love to your family.

I'm sorry to hear this, Tea. I remember meeting him while visiting you in CT and what a warm and pleasant person he was. Big love to your family.

I'm so sorry to hear this.

All the love to you!

Very sorry for your loss. :(

I'm so sorry to hear that. You and your family are in my thoughts.

I'm glad the two of you were so lucky to have each other in your lives. :) #HUG

Glad you have a strong, good memory to hold onto there. :) Death sucks.

Condolences and sympathy to you during this difficult time.

Loss is terrible, but that sounds like about the best possible way to lose someone. I'm glad you have good memories to get you through the grief.

I'm sorry for your loss. Lots of love to you and your family <3

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So sorry for your loss but so happy to read about someone so special to you. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers these next few weeks as you honor your Pop's memory.


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