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cap, captain miss america

This really happened one night during Mardi Gras at Scott’s bar back when he was at the Green Goddess in NOLA. I meant to draw a comic about it then, but I sort of tapered off on my auto-bio comics and did more fictional ones at that point, so it never happened. Now I’ve been doing more real life stuff on account of the distillery, so I figured I’d get this one done too.

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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It's a little bit amazing how many times I've heard that reaction. And I don't even work in the industry.

What I want to know is what these people expect it to taste like. Or why they don't ASK what it tastes like,

They expect it to taste like POTENTIAL DEATH IN A BOTTLE probably.



Seriously though. I love him so hard.

Oh man I am so glad someone else has seen and appreciated the "little guitar means party" video... unless he's started saying that on tour all the time or something IDK HE NEVER PLAYS HERE. He played here in 2009 and it was amazing and was apparently the first time he'd played here since 2004. :(

He says it in shows now! Where is "here" for you? I live in NYC, and even here I feel like he doesn't play enough. I saw him once in 2010, and twice (back to back) in 2011, and I was so single-mindedly OBSESSED afterwards that I came THIS CLOSE to dropping everything and following him around on the rest of his tour.

I'm in Austin, which is weird because everyone likes playing Austin. It's an experience. And last time he did play here it was amazing. Some of my friends actually flew to New York to see him on his last tour since it had been so long already since he came down here. :/ Next time he announces in advance that he's playing a city where I have crash space, I might just buy a damn plane ticket.

... If he'd even play in Louisiana that would be better. I've driven to several cities there for shows before, but usually there's not even that option.

That IS weird that he wouldn't play Austin. Boo! Here's hoping for next tour, though.

Also, ooh, Louisiana. I almost said I've never been there for a concert or otherwise -- then I remembered New Orleans is in Louisiana. Um. Duh. I went to one concert there because Carbon Leaf (my faaavorite band) played a pre-cruise show the night before the Rock Boat left. :)

I imagine how often this happens with Jagermeister too.

The thing is that with Jager's reputation, I feel like no one necessarily is really expecting to love it. Absinthe on the other hand people tend to think is mysterious and sophisticated. Or something.

~*~The Green Faery~*~ and etc

I had this conversation with my friend last weekend.

Me: We can go out to a bar, or I have lots of liquor at the house. I even have absinthe right now.

Her: Is that good?

Me: I really like it... it tastes like licorice though.

Her: Red licorice?

Me: ... no, black licorice, like anise.

Her: Gross.

... I'm weird about anise. I generally am not a fan of it as an herb, and I have mixed feelings about licorice candies sometimes, and even smelling jaeger makes me sick to my stomach, but I enjoy root beer and absinthe just fine. Although I think with the absinthe it's partly a case of mind over matter. I really WANT to like absinthe, so I do.

Absinthe is also more flavors that just licorice, so it has other botanicals that add complexity to it. It's not like eating black jellybeans!

I don't like black licorice at all, but when I had absinthe with sugar, it was really good! Just not good enough to be worth continuously shelling out for.

I'm weird with anise-y flavours, too. They're supposed to be one of the quintessential "love or hate" things, but I think it's supposed to vary between tasters, not within them.

Me, I love licorice, hate aniseed, hate fennel, love absinthe straight (sipped, not shot), and hate absinthe with burnt sugar and water and ponciness. Licorice-flavoured candies can be variable; ditto the weird other colours of absinthe. And that "throat coat" tea makes me want to claw out my esophagus.

I've always wanted to try it. You gotta love something that was deemed so scary they had to make it illegal.

I think another factor for those inexperienced in the ways of alcohol is that green is not a color associated with licorice flavor. So maybe they're expecting something either herbal or minty?

Edited at 2012-09-11 11:20 pm (UTC)

I'm a weirdo that loves black licorice. I was very pleased when I tried absinthe for the first time and it's a spirit that, though I drink rarely, I greatly enjoy.

Whenever I hear this reaction I laugh though. Don't judge a drink by its reputation!

I was so disappointed when I found out absinthe was aniseed flavoured, and as such I've never had it. Maybe I'll try the sugar idea.

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