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cap, captain miss america

This really happened one night during Mardi Gras at Scott’s bar back when he was at the Green Goddess in NOLA. I meant to draw a comic about it then, but I sort of tapered off on my auto-bio comics and did more fictional ones at that point, so it never happened. Now I’ve been doing more real life stuff on account of the distillery, so I figured I’d get this one done too.

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I'm weird with anise-y flavours, too. They're supposed to be one of the quintessential "love or hate" things, but I think it's supposed to vary between tasters, not within them.

Me, I love licorice, hate aniseed, hate fennel, love absinthe straight (sipped, not shot), and hate absinthe with burnt sugar and water and ponciness. Licorice-flavoured candies can be variable; ditto the weird other colours of absinthe. And that "throat coat" tea makes me want to claw out my esophagus.

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