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cap, captain miss america

So I was in the art store at lunch buying some pens and paper and such, when this young man walks up to me and compliments my dress.

I say thank you and go back to browsing.

He keeps talking to me, and introduces himself. His name is Augustus.

Now, usually I tend to get really edgy when strange men come up to me and talk to me without context, because they generally, eventually creep me out, or act as if they are entitled to get my number or SOMETHING.

Augustus starts asking, “Do you have a…”

And I’m like, great, here comes the “do you have a boyfriend?” question. NO, FOR GOD’S SAKE, NO. (And of course I am straight and of course my interest in talking to strange men has everything to do with my relationship status and argh).

But he asks, “do you have a son?”

I’m totally taken by surprise. I say, “Err, you mean like a child?”

“Yes, a son,” he says.

“No,” I say.

“Well, do you have a brother or a dad or someone like that? Any men in your life?” asks Augustus.

At this point, I’m a little gobsmacked, because I’m wondering if this is Augustus’ way of circumventing the boyfriend question.

“Well, yes, I do,” I say.

He points to his collar. He’s wearing a…well, a bowtie. But a bowtie made of Scrabble tiles.

“Do you think they would like this?” he asks.

“Um. Well, I know some men who might,” I reply.

His eyes light up. He reaches into his bag, and holds out something wrapped in a paper napkin. “Well, then I have one for you!” he says. He unwraps it, and it’s another Scrabble-tile bow tie. “Yours says ‘fireproofed,’” he says. “I think that suits you.”

And he gives me the bowtie.

Thanks, Augustus. I, er. Might be keeping it for myself?

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Weeeeeiiiiirrrrddddd but also AWESOME.

I'm pretty sure you just had a coded conversation with a member of the VFD.

Also, I would have given him the benefit of the doubt in talking to me just for being named Augustus.


There are things in this world that I truly believe could only happen to you.

I know! My life is the most hilarious.

(Deleted comment)
New York City, man...

Also, he's adorable. The photos with celebrities are wonderful. And I want one.

You can order his catalogue!!!!

I don't even think it's New York City. Somehow I think it's just me.

Edited at 2012-09-28 08:52 pm (UTC)

This is 100% excellent. Random encounters can be pretty awesome.

Also, you reminded me of a recent asofterworld that I will now share: http://www.asofterworld.com/index.php?id=870

wow. this is awesomely awesome.

Omg, the BEST THINGS happen to you!

I love, love, love this - and think you should keep this one for you!

Holy crap - those moments when you just say AAAAAAAAAAH! <3333

So glad you did encounter him/talk for a few minutes.

You have the coolest life, my friend!

BEST! That's so random and awesome :D

I love the fact that this dude is now my friend on Facebook!

This whole post is awesomesauce.

omg that is weird yet cool at the same time. AND YOU HAVE A SCRABBLE TILE BOWTIE!!

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