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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
For anyone concerned who doesn't follow me on Facebook:

Power, yes.
Internet, yes.
No means of transportation and getting a little angsty from being alone for going on 48 hours.

Parents out of power, can't dial out but can receive calls. Hoping they'll be able to get here this eve and hang at my place.

Distillery out of power, but everyone's safe. Yeast had to be evacuated (aw!).

Grandparents never lost power, thank goodness.

Love you all!

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I'm glad that so far as I can gather, all my friends and family made it safely through the storm...

But looking at photos and videos of the damage... It's pretty horrifying.

Won't somebody please think of the yeast!?

That part made me smile :) I am glad to hear everyone's safe, if a bit stir crazy!

Zac and I were talking on Sunday about evacuating the yeast in baby bunting. I keep thinking of the boys with the yeast all swaddled on their backs, even though I know that's not how it worked.

Aw poor yeast ;)

So glad you're okay!

the thought of evac'ing yeast made me giggle.

yay for being safe and secure!

I've been following basically every twitch of your eyelids on facebook. So glad you've got what you need to stay safe. Wish I could send an army of people over to keep you company!

glad you're ok! and thought it was lovely of you to offer your place as refuge for ppl who needed it on twitter :)

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