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Cabin Fever, Part One

My good friends know this, but I don’t do well alone. Like, really don’t do well alone. I start getting antsy after a couple hours without human contact. Ironically, I have lived alone since 2006. This somehow makes sense, really.

Monday night, in the worst howly-stormy bits of Hurricane-or-Tropical-Storm-or-Angry-Avenging-Weather-God Sandy, I decided it would be a good idea to document my hurricane experience. I didn’t lose power, but at the time, I didn’t know that my power and internet would stay on, nor did I know about the long-term effects that the storm would have on city transportation. I just thought it would be interesting and give me something to do. I started with the first rumblings of warnings that this was A Thing, last week, and went from there.

I gave myself rules: no penciling, and no correcting errors apart from crossing them out. The story is obviously edited, but I tried to be merciless and not edit out embarrassing/troubling bits.

Here’s Part One, from Friday through Sunday, when the MTA shutdown began.

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